February 25, 2024

You must have bought your old car with immense love and affection and must have been in awe of it when you would have seen it first. But as times change, so do our love! And now you must be in love with another beast and must be planning to buy that. But the major concern with that is how to make space for the new car and how to dump the old one. There are a lot of ways to get rid of your scrap car in Auckland  and still make money from it. You may sell it to someone or to a car wrecker of maybe get it dismantled and sell it by parts. If you want to do some good work, you may give it to a charity which is also a good way to get a tax redemption.

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But in all these cases you must be sure that whomsoever you hire to settle your car must be an authentic car dealer and must deal with your car keeping all the safety procedures in mind. The best way to get away with your old love without having tears in your eyes is that you sell it. By selling you will get instant cash for the old car and also you will not have to deal with the hassle of dismantling it and then disposing it. But before you sell your car in Auckland, there are a few things that you must do which may increase its value. Let’s see what are they.

Keeping all records

As simple as it may seem, but by keeping all the records of the maintenance, you can actually increase the value of the car. If you have all the documents and papers of all the servicings that the car has had, it will exhibit to the customer that the car has been well maintained. Moreover if you have always gone to a licensed mechanic and he has used all genuine parts for the service, the warranty is sustained. With all the paperwork done properly, the car buyer will be at peace.

Keeping the car in good condition

Anything that is roughly used and is not maintained well, starts to lose its shine and effectivity. The same is the scenario with your old car. You must wash it regularly so that no dust remains on it and the shine of the paint remains intact. If the car’s body and interiors look dull, it will affect the value of the car and you will get a lower price. If you make sure that the car is regularly cleaned, it will give the customer an impression that it is kept well and is in a good condition.

Paying importance to any dent

It is almost inevitable that you may never face an issue with your car or it may never have a dent. The important thing is that how quickly you get it fixed. If you are planning to sell this car of yours, it is necessary that it has no injuries. Anything that may look small may lead to a bigger problem later, just like a dent which may get rusted. So be quick in getting everything fixed.

Maintaining the tyres

Even if the prospective buyer knows nothing about cars, he will surely check the tyres. A good looking car is no good if it is running on bad tyres. Bad tyres will not perform well during a test drive and it will give a negative impact. You see, they don’t call selling a car as ‘knocking tyres’ without any reason.

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