February 25, 2024

Car servicing is an important part of keeping your car alive and staying on the road. For this, your vehicle needs servicing or maintenance-based work every 18 months or after it has traversed every 10 000 kilometres. Servicing your car is something that requires a professional touch and is not only about replacing the engine oil or checking the status of tyres. It takes a holistic look to view your car and detect its current health profile. Thus, car servicing may help to know any problem on a prior basis before it may aggravate the conditions. All car owners always look for a reliable car servicing centre that they can trust and where technicians work with great devotion to ensure that your car is ready to take you on the next ride.

What basic car servicing includes?

Normally, car servicing includes many things like changing the oil and oil filter. Changing these two are one of the two basic entities of car servicing. Apart from this, the technicians will try to lubricate the steering joints to decrease the chance of friction that may be happening due to the constant movement of the steering. For this purpose and lubricating suspension, the technicians may use gear oil. However, you need to know that lubricating oil in the suspension must change once every six months. In addition to this, it is necessary to check the brake fluids. The Brake system is what you use most frequently after your steering and gears. Hence, to ensure that your car runs smoothly, the car technician will test the brake fluid by locating the brake master cylinder reservoir.

Other Features of Car Servicing

  • The other essential features of car servicing that comes with it are:
  • Assessing the tyre pressures
  • Car’s Battery level
  • Checking windscreen washer levels
  • Lubricating door hinges
  • Checking cooling system
  • Assessing gearbox or auto-transmission oil

Tyre pressures somewhere correlate with the distance that your car can travel. You go through filling the air in the tyre between your journey but assessing this pressure in a servicing centre lets you avoid such practice. You will see that the door of your car moves more smoothly after it gets lubricated in the hinge point.

What kind of car service do you need?

Car servicing comes in different formats – basic, major, and full. A basic car servicing is what you require after six months, while a mid-range or major car servicing may want you to come for servicing after nine months or a year. In major car servicing, the technician will assess almost every major car part. In case you need full car servicing, the technicians will check almost every aspect of your car, including the minor parts like spark plug and others. With full car servicing, there is an assurance that you get a breather for a period of one to three years. But, the cost of full servicing is high. However, it may be almost equal or less considering the frequency of major car servicing or basic car servicing that you will go through against one full car servicing.


After you know what kind of servicing you want for your car, you need to select the firm where you will like to go for it. But, if you need car servicing in Auckland, you have plenty of choices. Almost every firm specialising in car servicing is highly proficient and capable of carrying out the entire process seamlessly. Today, it is very easy to book an appointment online and take your car to their workshops without standing in line to wait for your turn. Yet you need to check that these car servicing firms have a good amount of work ethics and have prior several years of experience in this domain. Rest, you need to sit tight and see how the technicians perform their work, or you can go outside to your office or somewhere else and come back later.

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