September 30, 2023

Do you always wonder what you have to do with your old car now that you are planning to abandon it? Maybe you are now more interested in a new one and so you need the space in your parking lot and the money to buy your new ride. Why not sort out both these problems by selling your old vehicle? As easy as it may seem, selling an old vehicle is a lot more complicated task because there is much more to it than just deciding to do so. The easiest way out is to contact a car wrecker and sell old car in Auckland to them and take the cash and then let them do whatever they want to do with it. But if seeing your beloved ride getting dismantled is not something that you can bear, then you may choose to sell the car to someone else on your own. Before you put up the notice for the sale of your old car, there are a few things that you must take into account so that you can get a higher price for your vehicle. Let us see some of those tips that can help you out in this process.  

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How To Sell Your Used Car

Good looks get good money-

Think from the perspective of a buyer, would you want to buy a car that doesn’t look good? Just for this reason you must pay attention to the looks and current condition of the car. Fix any part of the car that is broken or dented, like a broken window or a bunker, or a headlight that isn’t functioning. Get your car cleaned and serviced so that it is in good condition when you have a customer coming for a test drive. Just a few fittings here and there, a thorough cleaning of the car can get you a considerable increase in the price that you will get in return of the vehicle.

Settle all the paperwork-

This is very crucial as it involves all the legal matters pertaining to the car. When you decide to sell your car, you must make sure that you have all the documents related to it. Find out the receipts of the servicings, the insurance documents, any NOC from the bank in case a loan was running and most importantly the WOF or COF. the COF should no be older than thirty days when you sell my old vehicle in South Auckland. You must know that if any of the documents are missing it will lead to unnecessary delay in the deal.

Listing and advertising-

You cannot just put up a board stating ‘old car for sale’ outside your house and wait for buyers to come. There are a lot of websites that let you list your car on them so that potential customers can find it. When you are about to list your car be ready with all the information like the model, the brand, fuel type, mileage, body type, general condition and other such details since you will be required to mention all of it on the listing page. You must also put up high quality pictures of your car so the viewer can have an idea of how the car looks currently.

Value and negotiations-

Once you are done with the refurbishing of the car, you must find out the correct value of your car. You can easily get a quote for your car by any website that deals in used cars. Once you put up the listing and start getting calls for the sale, you must stick firmly to the value of the car that has been told to you. It is okay to let go of the first couple of customers if the money offered by them was below your expectation.

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