February 25, 2024

If you own a motorcycle and happen to love surfing the roads, with the same, it is all the more essential that you pay attention to the following maintenance tips. If you want to make your bike run smoothly, then you need to give it periodic checks and tune-ups – just to ensure that it continues to function seamlessly. Check out the following tips,

  • Read the Manual: If you have just purchased your first motorbike, then you must read the manual in detail. The manual would come loaded with essential tips on how to maintain and take proper care of your bike. And it should also come with a handy maintenance chart list which should help list out all the various maintenance tasks you are supposed to perform periodically. And incidentally, the letters I, C, R, A and L more or less stand for ‘to inspect, clean, replace, adjust as well as lubricate’. This is what you essentially need to do when it comes to taking care of your bike.
  • Break it in Lightly: If you have just purchased your bike – then it is important that you do not subject it too much wear and tear for the first few thousand kilometres. The manual should help clue you in.  It is advisable to search online for motorcycle indicators so that you can familiarize yourself with the various indicators and their core functions. You are also required to change the oil regularly. You are required to change the oil for every 5000 km or 10000km. If you do not change your oil regularly, then it can turn into sludge which in turn can affect how your bike continues to function.
  • Brake Pads: You must check your brake fluids as well as the brake pads regularly. You must check your brakes as you head out each time. If your brake pads are reduced to less than 2mm, then it is high time that you got them changed. Your brakes are an essential part of your vehicle and you need them functioning smoothly and perfectly. And it is in your interest to take your bike to the nearest motorcycle garage and get them fixed at the earliest.
  • Lubricate: If you want to ensure that your motorcycle engine continues to function smoothly, then you must ensure all the main and relevant parts of the engine are well lubricated. Make sure that the steelhead bearings, suspension linkages and other parts are well lubricated. This should enable your bike to perform smoothly and without any hassle.
  • Tire Pressure: When it comes to motorcycle tires, you may want to ensure that you have got good quality ones with deep tire tread. You must opt for deep treads as it can help grip the road better and prevent any untoward accidents. You may also want to check out the tire pressure of your tires, each time you stop to purchase fuel. Just Google search for Motorcycle tires in Gold coast, and you should be able to check out the latest models in motorcycle tires and select the appropriate one for your bike.
  • Clean the Air Filter: You need to regularly clean your air filter and even change the same regularly.  A failure to do so can cause more dirt and grime to get inside your bike. And in the long run, this can well affect how your bike continues to function. This is why you need to change your air filter regularly.

These are a few key essential motorcycle tips that you need to review and enact on. You must clean and maintain your motorbike in prime condition especially if you hope to make it last longer. Make appoint to set up a maintenance schedule by which you can carry out the associated maintenance tasks. And If you have more questions regarding maintaining your bike, you can always approach the manufacturer and get your queries answered.

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