February 25, 2024

Are you a beginner? Have you completed your driving course recently? Are you confident to drive on the road? Do you have a driving license? Are you looking for driving lessons in Coventry? Learn from the best to be the best!

Speed thrills but kills!

Driving is a learned art which gets better with practice and precision. You need to make sure you know about all the technicalities of the vehicle and the rules & regulations in your area. Overstepping any law will either result in a ticket (hefty fine) or even get you arrested because amateur driving puts your life as well as the life of others in danger.

Always keep this in mind to always drive safely- “Better Late Than Never”.

Tips To Remember

The following are some tips which will help you become a better and safer driver, so learn them by heart:

1. Multitasking

Driving a car in itself requires you to multitask; handling the steering wheel, clutch/brakes/accelerator and looking at the road. But, if you are using your phone or talking to someone along with it, you may get distracted which may have unwanted consequences. People tend to use mobile phones or operate their stereo system while driving the car, which is extremely dangerous for you as well as other cars and pedestrians. If it is urgent, then stop the car on the side of the road, and then use your phone or do your work.

2. Safety first

Safety always comes first! Period. You need to follow all the rules and regulations of your area to ensure that you drive safely on the roads because it is not just your life that is at stake but others too. Always fasten your seatbelt before starting your car and get your car checked every few months to avoid faulty systems which may cause unnecessarily severe consequences.

3. Documents

You need to make sure that you have all your documents completed because keeping incomplete documents is a legal offence. The registration of the vehicle and your driving license are the most important documents that you need to have on you at all times, whenever you are driving your car; in the absence of which, you can get arrested of fined unnecessarily.

4. Limit your speed

Every road has a specific speed limit for different vehicles (cars, trucks, two-wheelers). You have to make sure that you never exceed that speed limit under any circumstances because it is not safe for you as well as others. Overspeeding is a legal offence, and you can get a ticket (fine) if you get caught. Don’t overspeed, and put your life & the life of others in danger at any cost.

5. Learn and follow

Are you still taking driving lessons in Birmingham? Do you know why it is better to learn everything first, and then plan to drive alone? Driving is a skill that gets better with practice. Make sure you get all your queries resolved from your driving instructor before the course ends. This will allow you to learn everything there is, and if you follow it regularly, then you have nothing to worry about. Don’t be oversmart because it may lead to a life-death situation.

6. Don’t go blind

Do you know about the blind spot of your vehicle and how dangerous it is? Beware! You may not be aware of that spot which may result in an accident real soon. Ask your instructor about the blind spot of your vehicle, and learn how to overcome this issue. Always double check your blind spot before overtaking any vehicle, parking your car or moving your car from a parked position.

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