September 30, 2023

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Have you ever wondered how all those heavy lathe machines are moved from one site to another and how construction companies manage to transfer such colossal size equipment to site?  Machinery relocation is a nightmare and each step of it should be appropriately executed else it could result in a severe accident. 

Professional moving service companies have a wide variety of transporting vehicles from mini-trucks to crane trucks, small pickups, and cranes that are used in massive machinery relocation. But how you can choose which one of them is best. Before deciding a crane truck hire service, you must be aware of the company and its business else you can face issues and there is also a chance of your machines being stolen.

Points To Consider Before Hiring a Machinery Relocation Service

Look for Recommendations

If you are in an industrial business, you must be having connections and some of them might have chosen a machinery relocation service. Ask your contacts what company they hire? Are they reliable? When people have bad experiences, they generally share their opinions and you can look out for which is best for you. 

If your friends highly recommend a moving company then ask why they are good? The most important thing to look for is for what purpose they used it? Was the item safely delivered?

Check for the Transporting Vehicles

As the item to be transported is a heavy equipment look for the vehicles they use. You can use a crane truck hire services to lift and load a big mechanic engine or a part of structural building. If you are shifting your workshop to another city, check the truck beds. Mounted trucks are one of the efficient transport vehicles as they are a combination of crane and truck. 

To export tons of sheet material or electric generator, trolley, container, you can consider a commercial heavy equipment mover.

Always Choose a Licensed and Insured Mover

Make sure your mover has a verified license by the state government and have work insurance. Moving a heavy vehicle is a risky task and there might be a chance of an accident. A non-insured mover can bring a high cost to your pocket if there is any incident. Like if a mover is not insured and the worker gets hurt at your site, you may be responsible for his medical costs. 

Moreover, if the rental company is insured, you must ask for the proof as some of them have outdated license or insurance, which is of no use. 

Over All Cost

Most of the machinery relocation services brief about the transportation charges and when it comes to billing, they charge packaging, work staff, machinery load and many other costs. So, visit the company in person and ask them about the overall price that they will charge. 

In this way, you can even know the professionals who will be handling the task and avoid any confusion.


While hidden cost is only one side of companies moving mechanic equipment, make sure your items are transported in a transparent manner. For this ask, the mover whether the vehicles are GPS enabled or not. This will maintain the transparency and you can check when the truck was stopped and which route is followed. 

Some companies charge extra if it takes more time to export, to avoid such problems GPS tracking vehicles are the best option. 

Read Online Reviews

There are many portals available that compare the companies on various factors, from cost to quality, vehicles available to consumer’s satisfaction. Read the online reviews and if the customer information is listed, you can contact them personally. 

Considering these points will help you out, choose the best heavy machinery relocation company that will transfer items safely from start to finish. 

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