September 30, 2023

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Do you have a driving test soon? Are you confident for it? Have your practised enough? Are you looking for the best Adelaide driving school to make sure you pass your test this time? It is always advisable to take your car because you have a better understanding of your own vehicle than any other vehicle. Good luck!

Driving is a skill that can be improved with practice. Braking is more essential than accelerating because it has to be timed perfectly. So, when you are able to start the car, then the first step should be to stop it at the right point. Practice that before anything else.

Try and try until you succeed!

Mistakes to Avoid

The following are some dreadful mistakes that you should avoid because it may hamper your chances of getting a driving license:

  • Rolling stops

When you are up for a driving test, make sure you accelerate and brake right. What most people do wrong during a test is that they apply brakes irregularly. It is understandable that they are nervous and under tremendous pressure, but you cannot pass the test if your braking skills are bad, i.e. you cannot stop behind the demarcation line.

  • Lack of steering control

This happens mostly when people are either overconfident or nervous about their driving skills. Lack of steering control can be noticed if your car is moving right or left unnecessarily instead of going straight. Try to practice driving on a straight line before going for the test. One suggestion: keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times!

  • Focusing more on unnecessary distractions

When you are driving, there can be many things that can distract your focus, like texts, calls, maps, person sitting beside you or fidgeting with other things, etcetera. But if your focus is shifted towards anything other than your vehicle and the path, then it is not only dangerous for your safety or the safety of pedestrians, but will also diminish your chances of getting a driving license.

  • Too slow or too fast

If you are concerned about passing the driving test, then don’t project your concerns during the test because it may result in unintentional acceleration or braking, which will leave a bad impression on your assessor.

  • Instantaneous braking

No one likes bumps on the road, right? But instantaneous braking is more irritating and dangerous. If you apply the brakes suddenly, then the car behind you might have to do the same or they might smash into you. You can fail your road test because of unnecessary instantaneous braking. Your car should stop moderately, so it is better that you practise calculating when you should apply the brakes, and it will gradually register as muscle memory.

Learning it yourself or are you looking for an experienced driving instructor in Adelaide?

  • Irregular parallel parking

Parking is a crucial part of your road test. Parallel parking is where most of the people fail their test because you have to be precise, and make sure your car is aligned with the other cars and the sidewalk. You also have to ensure that you don’t apply brakes unevenly or the car doesn’t turn off. When you are confident on your parking skills, only then go for the test; else practice more.

  • Car fail

Although it is advisable to take your car for the road test but make sure your car is in a good working condition because if it stops unnecessarily, or if the windows or anything else is broken, it may hamper your chances of succeeding at your driving test. Maintain your car well, and then only opt for a test.

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