June 24, 2024

You or someone you love who uses a wheelchair will agree that driving a regular vehicle is one of the hardest things to do. You can use your wheelchair to navigate confined spaces. However, when you have to travel long distances, you will face many challenges.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles as a Godsend

You are in luck because the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles from Automotive Group UK offer a solution to your transportation dilemma. The vehicles are modified to allow wheelchair users to travel inside the car without having to transfer from the seats.


A WAV has been ergonomically designed with you in mind, regardless of the size, shape, or design of your original vehicle. You need to understand the engineering involved in adapting these cars to make them more useful. The AG range includes a variety of WAVs.


Here are some of the categories that these vehicles fall into:

  • Passenger-accessible WAVs. The Automotive Group produces both Up-front and Drive-from WAVs. However, its main product line is passenger-accessible WAVs. This is the most flexible, affordable, and versatile WAV on the market. It offers financial relief during today’s slow economic times. The majority of car owners who are looking to purchase WAVs don’t have a consistent income unless they have received compensation. In fact, the majority of WAVs are leased by Motability. The wheelchair user trades in their higher-rate mobility allowance for the lease.
  • Drive-from WAVs are expensive to produce because of the modifications needed. They represent a small segment of the WAV industry.
  • Up-front WAVs: The engineering costs for adaptations to allow wheelchair passengers to access the vehicle alongside the driver are very high, making it a small segment of the market.


Automotive Group is a specialist in passenger-accessible WAVs because they’re affordable for the end user. They don’t require a lot more complex modifications, which would increase costs and deny millions of wheelchair users the convenience of traveling.


This range of WAVs allows you to travel comfortably without the hassle of having to transfer car seats. Not only is this energy-sucking, but it’s also inconvenient.


The Department of Transport conducted a National Travel Survey in the UK in the 1990s and found that there were over 437,000 vehicles like this on the road. The number of WAVs on the road is higher than it was two decades ago despite wars, natural disasters, and thousands of accidents.


Shopping for Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)


It isn’t easy to find reliable vehicles that are suitable for this purpose despite the fact that WAVs play a vital role in UK society today. You need to know what you want in a WAV to avoid purchasing a vehicle that has no utility value.


Consider these factors when shopping for a WAV.


  1. Physical Assessment

You should consult your doctor, therapist, Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (CDRS), or the Automotive Group National Team.


In fact, many dealers and insurance companies are required to obtain this recommendation before they can offer any assistance. This is to emphasize how important it is to consider this factor when shopping for a WAV. Automotive Group has its assessment report that ensures you purchase a vehicle you can use.


  1. Accessibility


It is important to consider this when purchasing or leasing a WAV. The WAVs offered by Automotive Group are designed to provide you with comfort and accessibility. Automotive Group’s Volkswagen Caddy Maxi, considered to be the quintessential vehicle in the market, is a great example of the effort that goes into improving accessibility. Check out:


  • Access ramps with wide entrances and low angles, with 50mm upturns on the edges, to meet WAVCA PAS standards, as well as wheelchair manufacturer’s standards.
  • Enhancement of ramp access through gas assistance or automation for both the ramp and tailgate.
  • The WAV has the widest possible floor for ease of maneuvering. With a fully-flatted lowered floor, you also get more headroom.
  • Allowing quick access through sliding passenger doors


  1. Marketing Research

It would be best if you did thorough research on the product before you make any purchase. It would be best if you read about the technology in these cars, as well as the types of modifications. Popular car models can also be modified.


With Automotive Group, you get an affordable WAV producer. The majority of their vehicles are available via the Motability leasing scheme, which can save you thousands. This comprehensive scheme covers maintenance, insurance, tires, and towing services.


Also, you should learn about the types of WAVs and their insurance, as well as any relevant information. You will make your decision based on facts, not emotions. This vehicle will last longer and provide a better commute.


Size and Space

You should consider the space and comfort of your car when buying a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV). Automotive Group, the UK’s most established wheelchair-accessible vehicle manufacturer, offers products that have received European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval. The core values of Automotive Group UK’s WAVs are size, comfort, and safety.


You should be aware that a wheelchair takes up more space. If you are traveling with family, you must ensure the WAV provides enough room for everyone.


Consider the number of people you will be traveling with, the height of your wheelchair, and any other equipment that you may need to transport.


WAV Features

The features of your vehicle will determine how well it functions. Consider what you need to make your WAV a comfortable car. It is important to consider the seating arrangement to allow for wheelchairs.

Accessibility features include lightweight rear ramps and lifts that make it easier to access your vehicle. All features and modifications should be designed to make your life easier.


Lifestyle Assessment

You will be using your wheelchair-accessible vehicle for the rest of your life, so you’ll need to choose a car that fits your lifestyle. It would be best if you considered how often you travel, the average distances you cover, your comfort level with manual or automatic transmissions, and what you plan to do in your vehicle, such as shopping and work-related issues.


WAVs company selection

When leasing or purchasing WAV, it is important not to rush the decision. Reversing is both costly and inconvenient. In fact, in a 2013 study by the National Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Converters’ Association(WAVCA), 78% of WAV purchasers made decisions too quickly only to have them later modified at a higher cost.


A reliable, experienced, and resourceful dealer is the first step in making a prudent purchase. Look for a business that has existed for many years. This will ensure you receive impeccable service and innovative WAV solutions.

You must choose a reputable company to ensure that you receive professional service during and after the conversion. This can be verified by reading testimonials, asking for referrals, and checking with the Consumer’s Association or local Better Business Bureau.


It is important to buy vehicles that have been approved by the National Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Converters Association (WAVCA), European Community Whole Vehicle Type approval, and Motability. These standards include both static and dynamic tests, ensuring they are built to the same standard as other cars.


You will not be disappointed by a reputable company because it strives to maintain high standards and sells only the best WAVs.


Leveraging Technology

The automobile industry continues to innovate year after year. If you want a reliable car, make sure that you choose one that takes advantage of technology. The latest computerized technology makes wheelchair-accessible vehicles safer, more reliable, and more efficient.


Automotive Group UK has been leveraging technology and comfort for 38 years. This is evident in the wider ramps, carpeted and soundproofed interiors, and engineering expertise, which maintains the original vehicle’s character and integrity.


It would be best if you did not compromise when you shop for a vehicle. It will make your life easier and give you more value for each penny spent.


If you are looking for a WAV dealer, ensure that they are approved by the National Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Converters’ Association. This will guarantee professionalism and quality during the sales process. It would be best if you also chose a WAVs dealer who offers a wide range of vehicles. Some dealers will provide you with used WAVs or nearly new cars, and some even have lease options.


Do your research before you go shopping for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. This will help you determine what features you should look for. You can then buy a modified vehicle that meets your lifestyle and needs.

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