September 26, 2023

Pallet Collars are a modern solution for saving up to 87% in space when storing and transporting empty packaging. The advantages of wooden pallet collars over wooden or plywood boxes and plastic ones include – compactness, suitability for storage and transportation of different types of cargo, and ease of use. The rigid pallet collars are also reusable and recyclable.

COMPACTNESSFolded Pallet Collars are the most compact wooden packaging. This is important for both storing and transporting empty packaging. One pack of pallet collars can hold 108 pieces of product when folded.

108 pallet collars = 29 wooden boxes


Wooden pallet collars, like other types of wood packaging, are a reusable solution. This type of packaging has a life span of over ten years if used correctly. The collar has the advantage of being maintained; it can change its parts.


KRONUS offers a service to its customers that involves purchasing used pallets. This allows companies to save as much as 32% on costs. The Buy-and-Sell-Back program will enable companies to return used or broken pallets and collars that are no longer used to the manufacturer. This helps them optimize their warehouse space and reduces the need for unnecessary packaging.

BETTER Working Conditions

Pallet collars are used in warehouses to facilitate the work of workers. The ease of assembly and simplicity of the design makes it possible for only one person to install and assemble a box. The ability to adjust the heights of the structure and the use of accessories ensures easy and convenient product access during storage. A warehouse worker, for example, does not have to bend down to reach the products at the bottom of a box.


Why not save money while helping the environment? Traditional packaging is responsible for much pollution, such as a large carbon footprint, because it’s thrown away. This means that more has to be produced. The more you use one-and-go packaging, the more environmental pressure your business will face. It is beneficial for your business to move away from one-and-go packaging and towards more environmentally friendly packaging. It’s good for the planet and your bottom line.

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