June 25, 2024

Winter driving can be difficult on your hands. It could feel as if you are dipping your fingers into an ice bucket by just grasping the steering wheel. A heated steering wheel is one way to ensure that this never happens again.

Heated steering wheels can be an optional upgrade for many vehicles. They are also available after-market. A heated steering wheel cover can be added to many vehicles for winter use.

All of these options will fix your problem of cold hands but some will be more expensive than others. Your purchasing budget will determine which option is best for you.

Is it possible to add a heated steering wheel aftermarket?

You can also add a heated steering column to your vehicle aftermarket. It could cost you a lot if one isn’t already installed. It can also be quite laborious to add a heated steering wheel.

Electronics are used to integrate fully heated steering wheels. It is not possible to convert an existing steering-wheel into a heated model.

The entire steering column would need to be removed. Then, you can replace the steering column with an aftermarket one with heating.

It is possible to use another method to achieve the same effect. Many people prefer to use a heated cover over replacing the entire wheel.

The heated covers wrap around your existing steering wheel. These covers plug into your car’s DC port. This is where the old-fashioned cigarette lighters were. They’re mostly used today to power electronic devices.

The heated cover will provide warmth in winter. They are also far cheaper than buying a new steering column.

If you have a tight budget, buying the cover may make more sense. You can still get a brand new steering wheel installed.

What is the cost to install a heated steering wheel?

If you were buying a new steering column, the cost of parts would be over $1,000. You’ll also need to consider the labor cost.

You might find an aftermarket steering column for as low as $1,000 on some vehicles. It tends to be more expensive the more luxurious it is.

It is not uncommon for aftermarket parts to vary in price. Some parts might appear quite affordable. However, they might not be of high quality. It might be worth spending a bit more for a high-quality part.

It is not an easy task to replace the steering wheel. The entire steering column must be removed. Next, unhook the control module.

Then, you will need to install the new one. Then, you will need to connect everything again.

Many cars won’t allow you to remove the steering column without taking out the entire dashboard. This could mean several hours of labor. You could certainly do everything by yourself. However, not everyone is able to do it.

It is possible to hire someone else to do the job. However, the labor might be more expensive than the part.

If you want a heating steering column, there is another option. A heated cover is all you need. These covers can be purchased for as low as $10. These are affordable and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy one.

If you are looking for a new car you might ask for a heated steering column. It’s much easier to add one to a new car. It could be added by the manufacturer while the vehicle is being built.

There will be a premium, but it is still affordable. It’s much cheaper than purchasing an aftermarket part and having it installed.

A couple hundred dollars could be saved by adding one to a vehicle purchase. It’s worth considering, especially if you live up north.

A heated steering wheel makes winter driving much more enjoyable. You don’t even have to wear gloves inside the car.

Many drivers believe it’s worth the investment.

How do you install a heated steering wheel?

Let’s suppose you decide to go aftermarket. It’s possible. However, this will be a huge project for you.

It is the easiest way to go. It will vary depending on what type of vehicle you have.

You will first need to take out the steering wheel. To do this, most of the times you will need to take out the entire dashboard. You will then need to remove everything.

You will need to remove the old steering wheel and wire the new one. The wiring for the old steering wheel was not traceable because it wasn’t heated. Connect the new wheel to the fuse box located in the engine bay.

Check that everything is properly wired. To ensure that everything is working properly, you might consult your owner’s manual.

Next, screw the new wheel to the steering column. Once that’s completed, you can then replace the dashboard.

It is easy to install a heated cover. Simply wrap the cover around the wheel. You’ll need to plug it in the DC outlet. It’s usually located on the dashboard. It can sometimes be found in the middle console.

After you have done this, the car should start working immediately after you turn it on.

Are You Looking for a Heating Steering Wheel ?

A heated steering wheel has many benefits. A heated steering wheel will ensure that you never worry about having cold hands again. However, adding one can be costly.

A heated steering wheel is a solution for those who are concerned about their hands being cold.


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