September 30, 2023

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Approximately 470,000 vehicles or 10% of registered vehicles in Louisiana and Mississippi have been destroyed because of the servere weather and flooding from Hurricane Katrina.
Consumers must be on the look out for flood-damaged vehicles which are sure to pop up all over the country and may not be titled as flood or damaged vehicles. The problem is that only about half the states in the country require a “flood” or “salvage” brand on the title. Some states do not require that flood-damaged vehicles be labeled as “flood” or “salvage” when they are resold in another state.
Here are a few tips if you are considering purchasing a used vehicle.

  1. Check the vehicles’s title history. It may state if it has sustained flood damage.
  2. Examine the interior and engine for evidence of water or grit from submersion.
  3. Check for recently shampooed carpeting.
  4. Check under the floorboard carpet for water residue or stain marks from evaporated water.
  5. Check under the dashboard for dried mud and residue, note any evidence of mold or a musty odor in the upholstery, carpet or trunk.
  6. Inspect the undercarriage of other components for evidence of rust and flaking metal not normally associated with late model vehicles.

These simple tips can save you from having problems down the road


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