September 26, 2023

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You probably have an old and non-working car sitting at the back of the garage for years, and now it’s nothing but a ball of rust and a waste of space. You can’t even think about repairing it, because the damages are so terrible! They are either beyond repair or beyond your financial power. So, when you have used up a car to that extent that the money you have to spend to keep it up and running is too much, it’s time for a new car. But what do you do with the old one?

This is a question that bugs every car owner, and along with the psychological effect of parting with an old car, there’s more. You even worry about not getting enough price or end up feeling it’s not worth to get rid of your once-favourite car just like that. Well, times have changed. Now, cash for cars removal services offer you a decent amount of cash for your junk vehicle and you can use up the money for a better cause, a newer car perhaps. So, what are you waiting for? Sell off your old junk of a car to reputed car wreckers in Wellington like Streamline Auto Buyers. They are THE best car removal company in Wellington and offer the best trucks, equipment, and most professional and friendly staff.

The steps in which a cash for car removal process works

If you have an old and unwanted car that you would love to get rid of in return for compensation, then exchanging it for cash is one of the best alternatives available. You may have a car that’s just taking up space. It may have broken down ages ago and been an eyesore ever since. In such cases, finding yourself a wreckers company who will offer you best cash and get rid of your vehicle is the answer to all your troubles. You can even sell off the valuable used car parts before giving away your car.

Choosing service

The very first step of the entire process is basically deciding on which car removal service to go for. This is one of the most crucial decisions in the entire process; and if done wrong, can lead to serious faulty consequences. You obviously don’t want to give away your car to a fraud company who cheats you off your car or underpays you. This is the reason why it’s super important to do your homework well. Research all the wreckers companies in your area, look them up online, read up customer reviews etc. and then take your pick.

Initial Contact

The next step of the process is contacting the car removal company and putting across all the relevant details of the car. This information consists of make and model, the registration number, the current situation etc. You will also need to prove that you own the car.


After the details have been collected by the company, they will offer you a price quote that they feel is appropriate for your vehicle. In certain cases, it may be also that the company conducts an upfront physical visit to inspect the car. And only post that, they make an offer. After such evaluation and appraisal, the final decision lies in your hand. Based on the price they offer, you can choose to either accept or reject the proposal or even negotiate (if that’s an option!).


Now, should you accept the offer, the deal is done. The company then pays you the decided amount and gets your car removed from your premises. The more reputed companies offer a free towing or car removal service. They are also known for conducting the payment transactions in cash. So, you basically give away your junk car on one hand and accept cash in return on the other.

These are the simple steps in which any cash for car removal company offers you a solution. In this procedure, it’s a complete win-win situation for both the sellers and the environment. This bundle of junk metal gets recycled in the best way possible, and you get your much-wanted cash and free space.

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