December 3, 2023

The Indian automobile industry, which is the fourth largest worldwide, has seen an enormous transformation over the last decade to reach international standards for mobility. To be among the top anywhere in the world and keep up with the world’s top companies, it is crucial to depend on a creative strategy.

The ever-changing startup industry is bringing forth intriguing concepts, and the absence of possibilities to implement the ideas in practice is something worth considering. To transform India into a world leader in smart mobility with technology-driven solutions that improve customer satisfaction is a key element to consider.

In line with this vision and with a goal to embrace the latest innovations and work with startups and startups, Maruti Suzuki, the Indian auto industry leader Maruti Suzuki, launched its accelerator program. Maruti Suzuki MAIL (Mobility & Automation Innovation Lab) is a platform created specifically for startups who are planning innovative approaches to the mobility and automation sector. The focus of the program is to create an ecosystem that can support modern and innovative technological solutions that could be utilized in the automotive industry.

Maruti Suzuki MAIL initiative was established in January 2019 to assist startups by co-creating innovative solutions that are powered by technology within the area of mobility. As part of this initiative, innovative solutions have been analyzed through collaboration with startups in the early stages to create practical solutions to current business issues.

Prior to the selection of startups in the cohort, Maruti Suzuki MAIL program officials, along with their program partner–GHV Accelerator–evaluate the potential of the applying startup, its founding team, its business plan, and the impact its solution can make on Maruti Suzuki. On the basis of this assessment, the Top five startups are selected to join the group in Maruti Suzuki’s MAIL Program.

After selecting, each startup works in conjunction with Maruti Suzuki business teams to develop a solution that can be implemented in an actual use scenario. Startups gain access to not just Maruti Suzuki’s knowledge of the industry but also to its test bench as well as relevant data sets, which allow the startups to design a practical business solution.

The accelerator program for startups features an advisory panel that includes prominent individuals from International and domestic startups in order to increase the value to participants. With the extensive experience and knowledge of these mentors, startups will find the right direction to move quickly on their business plans and accelerate their growth.

The companies that win the competition will have a huge chance to increase their reach in the automotive and mobility industry because they will be given the opportunity to conduct an unpaid proof of concept (POC) together with Maruti Suzuki. The collaboration, in conjunction with Maruti Suzuki, helps startups develop an industry-ready solution and allows them to expand quickly expansion. When the project is completed successfully, POC the startup becomes a vendor for Maruti Suzuki.

Benefits of the Maruti Suzuki MAIL Program

Paid POC is by far the largest prize, and participants in the accelerator program receive a trip to Japan for free networking to Japan that will expose them to Suzuki Motor Corporation, as well as many other Japanese companies.

Additionally, the winners receive Maruti Suzuki cars such as CIAZ Dzire, CIAZ, and Ignis and will also get to meet one of Maruti Suzuki’s Bollywood brand ambassadors for Maruti Suzuki.

In addition, the startups that are chosen to be part of the program get access to advantages from the program’s partners like AWS, 91 Springboard, and Blue Tokai. Additionally, the cost of lodging and travel associated with the AIL MAIL program are provided by Maruti Suzuki.

Do you have the desire to have an impact on the automobile industry? Are you looking to learn from the world’s top mentors? Are you interested in doing a Paid POC in conjunction with Maruti Suzuki?

If the answer is affirmative, Maruti Suzuki MAIL is waiting for your submission.

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