December 3, 2023

5th October 2023 is ‘Charge your car day.’ CTEK, the world’s leading company on battery-charging solutions, has published research that shows that 50% of the car batteries that are currently in use aren’t functioning as well as they could. Battery-related breakdowns are increasing due to people who drive less due to the growing cost of living, which is costing motorists an average of PS400 annually.

According to research from the RAC, up to 40% of crashes in the UK result from batteries failing, and an overwhelming majority of batteries failing or being flat. When it comes to electric vehicles, one of the primary causes of breakdowns is a battery that has been discharged, as per the breakdown rescue company Start Rescue. CTEK encourages motorists to think about the health of their batteries on this Charge Your Car Day to assist in preventing costly and uncomfortable breakdowns.

Cost of charging

Rising energy costs mean that the majority of people are worried about living expenses; however, recharging your battery needs very little power and is less expensive than replacing your battery, which can cost upwards of PS130. The energy required to charge the battery in your car is equivalent to watching television for five hours. It’s less than the cost to cook food in the oven with electricity for one hour, play games on consoles for 3 hours, or do two loads of washing.

Richard Wilkerson, a CTEK customer and car enthusiast, stated: “In early 2019, I bought two MXS 5.0s to de-sulphate my car to be used on my aged AGM Optima Redtop and Yellow Top batteries. Our vehicles are not very efficient and often kept in garages. The garage doesn’t have a climate control which means it could be cold or even hot. Modern ECUs for cars and aftermarket alarms can drain 12v batteries in particular, due to the lack of use on low-mileage automobiles. It’s an amazing feeling to return from traveling abroad for more than one month, and then to get in the vehicle, and have the engine start up with no hesitation. The components have stood up to decades of usage to date.”

“The most ancient AGM battery that was maintained through my CTEK an eleven-year old Optima Redtop. I removed the Redtop having a battery life of 68% at the age of 11 years old. The Red Top was $200 USD. The CTEK cost me only $200, as the majority of batteries require replacement around five years old. I also have an Acer Optima Yellow Top at 8 years old, which I have CTEK maintained. My CTEK’s are paying for themselves, since I’m replacing fewer AGM batteries since they last longer in service.”

Make sure you take charge of your hybrid battery’s overall health.

Electric and plug-in hybrid cars also require charging of the battery. The 12V battery is used to run essential components like the radio, lighting, air conditioning, and heating. It is not performing at its best without regular maintenance. The battery is charged via the vehicle’s DC-DC system. The 12V battery can only be set to 100 percent by connecting it to an external charging device such as the CTEK MXS5.0; however, it’s not charged each time you plug into the vehicle to its regular charge. With regards to the lithium-ion battery found in the latest EVs that are supported by the car charger, it is crucial to set a maximum amount between 80 and 90% to prevent degrading the battery. Many vehicles come with this capability built-in, but you should always refer to the manual for your car.

Take care of your battery even when you must start quickly.

Regular maintenance charge helps to keep the battery in top condition, aiming to prevent breakdowns. If you do fail, the CTEK CS free adaptive booster can be an excellent option compared to traditional jump starters. The CS FREE’s adaptive boost technology guarantees the safest and most gentle start, decreasing the risk of causing damage to the battery or even causing electric system problems. This unique method not only helps you return to your vehicle quickly but also protects the battery’s health. It’s an environmentally sustainable solution for the maintenance of your vehicle as well as peace of mind when you are on the move.

CTEK has consistently priced the market for over 25 years

CTEK has been in operation for more than 25 years, focusing on maintaining, charging, and securing the car battery across the globe. The majority of CTEK chargers are simple to use, and you don’t require any particular knowledge of cars to operate them. Each is able to assess the battery’s health and then utilizes the right voltage to recharge the battery and ensure that it’s running at its peak efficiency.

Tony Zeal, Training Manager at CTEK Tony Zeal, Training Manager at CTEK “CTEK batteries are known all over the world for their performance and dependability We even manufacture customized chargers for 40 of the most powerful and most well-known car makers. Charge Your Car Day was created to recognize and celebrate the efforts of the car battery as well as to create awareness of how regular maintenance can save your money. The charging of your car battery can reduce breakdowns, prolongs the life of your battery at least three times, reduces the cost of repairs and damages to complicated electrical systems. In these difficult economic times, a battery charger will save you money particularly in light of the increasing trend of making use of our vehicles less. This year, we’re determined to reiterate the motto – move, keep active and continue charging!”

What kind of charger do you have?

  • Automotive Enthusiast: You are obsessed with the inner workings of your vehicle. You select the oil type, and your tires are of the highest quality and will never be below the minimum tread depth. The charger is always located in your garage. You charge it daily. You know that your battery is the engine of your vehicle.
  • Conscientious commuter: You’re aware of the things you should be checking. When you are charging, filling, or charging your car, you’ll be reviewing the tire pressure and wiper fluid. In your boot, you’ve got an ignition source, and you are aware that it can damage the battery and can be risky, but you also want to be well-prepared.
  • From A to B, You are grateful to your car for bringing you where you need to go. Google Maps or similar is always in use, and even though you’re aware that it’s crucial, you’ve yet to open the open hood. Battery charging isn’t on your mind, and if you experience a battery failure on the way, you’ve got your breakdown service in your speed dial.
  • The Magical Motorists: Your car is magical. You don’t know that there’s a battery inside. However, the thought of your vehicle failing may briefly occur to you. Only drive when other options are not available, and when you do so, your primary points of contact include the wheel as well as the volume control for the radio. We are grateful for Apple CarPlay.

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