September 30, 2023

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BMW has finally released the pricing of the infamous 2008 1-series coupe. The base price for the 128i is $29,375 and the base price for the 135i is $35,675. BMW showed of the new 1-series at the L.A. Auto Show where all the best cars were on display.

The 128iā€™s 230 horsepower inline-six is something that consumers will be accustomed to. Those who are looking for more power should for the 135i. This model boasts a 300 horsepower twin turbo-charged, 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine.

Most consumer look at the 2008 1-series and see the 3-series ā€“ which is why BMW is hoping that they will attract the most loyal consumers. Yet, be they new or old you can bet that most people will lean towards the more powerful 135i model.

Next year at the Detroit Auto Show in January BMW has promised to show off the convertible style of the 1-series. This sporty, convertible style – if made right – could help to make the 1-Series more popular and could help attract more consumers.


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