February 25, 2024

Keeping your car in great condition throughout is a tough task, especially when the car is second hand. A person buys such a car anticipating major repairs and the expense that comes with it. But all this can be handled if you are ready to keep a checklist and maintain regularly. Here are some steps to maintain your car.

Keep Your Tires In Check

Always ensure that your tire pressure is correct. Make sure the brake pads are also in good condition for the long run of your vehicle. Doing this regularly ensures the efficiency, safety, and comfort of your vehicle. 

Brake fluids, engine oil check, wear and tear in belts and hoses also if made as a habit to check regularly, you can be sure that your car is in great condition. You should not worry that any fault from these areas will get you in any trouble if you are ready to develop a habit of checking this regularly. Keep it rotated and balanced so that you don’t face any alignment problem. A thorough computer scan can bring out the alignment issue with your car. Get the tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles so that the wearing doesn’t take place easily. 

Check And Replace Your Air Filters

Air filters are one major component if not tended properly to can bring down your car’s efficiency and lifespan. Clogged air filters account for most of the car problems. While purchasing the car, it is best to replace these with new ones as they are important. It should be changed every 12 months for smooth running, says Car Wreckers North Shore. You can either choose to take it to a mechanic or do it all by yourself. It is a no brainer. 

Check Your Battery

It is not a good situation to get stranded in a place because your car battery gave up. To keep your battery from these sudden discharge, you should make battery check a must now and then. Ensure the terminals are connected properly. Check for leakages and mineral build-ups around terminals and cables. Clean it with a battery-cleaning brush and apply dielectric grease to keep the corrosion factor away. You can take good care of the car battery with these simple checks. The alternator can be the issue in cases where the battery is low, and you get dim lights when switched on. Get your alternator checked in that case. 

Change The Spark Plugs.

If you encounter your engine not working to its full efficiency, it can be mainly because of the spark plugs wearing out. You might have it in your car manual as to how it can be replaced. Ensure the spark plug wires are not very old. In that case, replace it. The spark plugs usually last for more than 30,000 miles.

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