February 25, 2024

You hardly know, but the heat inside your car is immense! The car combustion can make your vehicle and interiors so hot that it can actually melt the tough metal of your vehicle. The role of the coolant and its significance can be imagined here. The coolants are absolutely necessary because they reduce the temperature of the vehicle and aids in its smoother working. And another very integral part of your car’s cooling system is the radiator!

Very common signs that say your radiator is giving away!

The radiator in your car has this tough and most important job of cooling the fluid of the car and passing the heat from the same to the air outside. And the cool fluid then runs to all the parts of the engine thereby keeping the heat under control in there. But in case, this radiator stops working, you’ll find these issues very common in your car.

  • Overheating engine — Even if you are new to a vehicle, you know that heating of an engine isn’t a good sign. And your engine heats only if the car radiator isn’t working. This is actually a sign that says that the fluid isn’t getting cooler and therefore only hot fuel is passing across the system. So, you are left with three options over here. First, change the vehicle entirely. Secondly, avoid or delay the matter and replace the engine after a few weeks; and thirdly, wake up and act now and replace your faulty radiator with a Fenix radiator from Status Performance Products. They’ve got all sorts of products and requirements for the smooth working of your vehicle and at very attractive rates.
  • Coolant leak —Are you finding a muddle of liquid below your car each time you park or stop somewhere? Or are people complaining that there is a constant leakage happening from your vehicle? In both cases, check for the radiator immediately. Most probably it has given away and that is why the coolant is leaking.
  • Discoloration or wearing out radiator —Most of the time the lifespan of your radiator is good. Especially if you are maintaining the car very well, it can last up to 10 years or more. But if you find that there are slight sludges on your radiator or it has really worn out or is discoloring, then it is time to get it checked. If it shows further issues or it is too old, then it is better to replace it immediately.
  • Car heater isn’t working — Does your car heater refuse to work? Well, we have a doubt that your radiator might be at fault here. It’s because a faulty cooling system won’t even heat your heaters properly. So, check the radiator and simply opt for a replacement before the problem increases.

So, the next time you find these problems in your car, no need to stress! Just walk to your car’s doctors (mechanics) and let them inspect the radiators. If it is repairable, do the needful. And if it’s beyond this stage, then don’t delay in replacing this important part of your vehicle at any cost.


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