February 25, 2024

Replacing windscreen may be an expensive option. Minor damages can always affect your windscreen. In most cases, a repair task should be carried out if possible. Replacement should be your option only when repairs if not possible.

Damages can occur in any instance. During winters, a small hailstone can damage your windscreen. The damage is most cases may not need replacement of the windscreen. This is where you should search for car glass repair in Auckland services. Professional car glass repairs services will take care of minor and major damages best.

But before you plan of replacement, it is advisable to ask the expert if the windscreen can be repaired? If it is possible then you get to save a big amount of money.

So here below we will discuss what types of damages can easily be repaired. This proves beneficial if you face similar situations.

Chipped windscreen

In most cases, windscreen experience minor chipping. If your windscreen has chipped then it is possible to get it repaired. But you have to keep in mind that if the chip size is bigger, then replacement should be the only option left.

Damaged or chipped windscreen will always mean that you may have to compromise on your safety. There are chances that the glass could get damaged completely when riding on uneven terrain. Before the glass falls out, it is ideal to get it replaced or repaired.

Focus on size

If the damage covers up of 30 percent of the windscreen then it certainly may not be possible to get it repaired. Replacement in this condition is the only option left. Again if the chip size is big enough to cover up 2 cent coin, the repairs may not be advisable.

It definitely is not easy to repair an oversized chip on the windscreen. If patching up is possible, then replacements can be avoided.

Position of damage

For this factor, you have to focus on the right position of the damage on the windscreen. If it lies within the visible area then repairing may not be possible. In general, any damage that is at a distance of 7 to 8 cms from the edge may not be possible to repair.

This is because the damage could easily obstruct your view when driving. Besides if the chip is on the center, then it can also weaken the windscreen glass. Another most important point that you need to keep in mind is that if it obstructs your viewing line, then get it replaced immediately.

In most cases, small damage on the windscreen can easily break or shatter the entire glass. So the moment you notice that the glass is damaged it is advisable to get it repaired or replaced. A small hole in the middle of the windscreen can break the entire glass.

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