September 30, 2023

Do you see the world differently?

You might create something.

Creating something revolutionary only takes a small amount of inspiration and an idea.

Infiniti, a luxury 7-passenger crossover SUV, has recently launched a Backup Collision Intervention system (BCI), a first-of-its-kind automotive technology.

What does it do?

Ben Poore, Infiniti America Vice President, said:

The system detects vehicles coming from either side as you reverse. It will warn you in three ways if a car appears to be approaching your path. This includes audio, visual, and brake pedal force feedback.

It is not only a great way to enhance your driving experience, but it can also be a very effective safety feature that prevents many accidents.

The driver is alerted by an audible alarm and a flashing indicator light when an approaching vehicle has been detected. As the vehicle approaches, the driver will hear three beeps, and a red frame indicator will appear on the dashboard.

If you fail to react, the system will counteract by pushing the accelerator back. The system will temporarily engage the brakes if you continue to reverse. This is to alert the driver.

BCI detects stationary objects and significant crossing traffic when the vehicle is in reverse.

The BCI system comes with the Driver Assistance Package for $1,900 and requires the Premium Plus Navigation, Traffic Info, and Voice Recognition package of $3,000 as well.

The system, however, is limited to speeds below five mph, as it’s primarily designed for parking lots and driveways. As an added safety measure, drivers are advised to keep their eyes on the rear while in reverse.

No more missing when trying to reverse!

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