February 25, 2024

Driving lessons can be expensive, especially when you consider all that young drivers must learn and the exams they have to pass. Driving lessons cost on average $24. The Driving Standards Agency says that depending on how fast you learn, the number of lessons required will vary. People often put off getting their driver’s license because of the high price.

We recognize that driving is an essential part of adulthood. That’s why we offer learner drivers the chance to reduce this cost by nearly half with dual control cars starting at PS15 an hour.

Q: Why should I hire dual control?

A: It’s the cheapest way to put in more practice hours. While you should continue to take driving lessons with an instructor after getting a provisional license, you can also practice with your parents, or an older sibling. You will improve your confidence driving and increase your chances of passing your test the first time.

Q: Which type of dual-control hire cars do your company offer?

A: All Vauxhall Corsa models have dual control. Some models come with delivery mileage. This means you can get to drive a brand-new car and practice. Because it is small in size, but has a large cabin, the Corsa is very practical. This model is one of our favorites for learning, as it has a strong handling and light body that allows the driver to feel the car.

Q: What is the cost to rent a dual-control car?

A: Our prices start at $15 an hour and are among the lowest in the industry. This price includes VAT, insurance and fuel. The car must be rented for at least one hour, and no more than four hours. You can avail our two hour offer if you have a Young Scot Card (valid Monday through Friday).

Q: What is the mileage charge? What about the fuel I use?

A: Young drivers will find it more affordable to hire a car that includes fuel and mileage.

Q: Does dual control hire include insurance?

A: Insurance is included with the hourly hire fee. However, there is an additional charge for damage to the vehicle. You can purchase an excess waiver in advance. Contact your local Car and Van Rental branch for more information.

Q: What documents should I bring with me?

A: To be allowed to rent a dual-control car, you must be at least 17 years old and have a clean provisional license. A minimum of three years experience with a full UK or EU license is required to accompany you. You should also bring proof of address or a current utility bill to your chosen driver. To allow us to verify your licenses for endorsements or points, you both should bring your check codes.

Q: Can I take my driving test using a dual control rental car?

A: It is possible to take your test with our dual-control cars. To qualify, you must have rented the car at least for one hour on a previous date.

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