September 26, 2023
Electric Vehicles

When on roads, can you guess which one is an electric vehicle- The one which emits harmless gas or the other one with toxic emissions?
Electric vehicles are the vehicles that are battery operated, unlike traditional ones  that require fuels such as petroleum or diesel to run on roads. Home-plugging is just a sufficient way to charge their batteries and if the battery is not dead, they are miles to go!

But whether an electric vehicle is environmental fit or not is a topic of debate. Lets focus on some of the important aspects about electric vehicles, their features, highlighting various differences between both electric vehicles and traditional ones.
Though there are comparatively  few choices when you go out in the market for an electric vehicle as compared to ever-growing conventional vehicles. If you are bicycle lover, electric bicycle in perth have various ranges to offers.

Why Electric Vehicles are Near Future

  • These vehicles are battery operated that just need a few hours of charging to move on roads. 
  • The major issue with the traditional(fuel based)cars is that of noise pollution. These cars are obviously not noise-free but yes with little or less noise pollution.
  • Since electric vehicles do not release harmful gases, therefore, they are considering as environment-friendly by many users. 
  • As gas is running out at an alarming rate,electric vehicles can be seen as the near future. 
  • E-bikes are better alternative to public transportation as they are cheaper than electric cars. 
  •  The major reason behind using such cars is due to its ease of use,rider comfort, practical approach and versatile unique features.

Pros and cons go side by side, let’s have points where EV is lacking behind despite such amazing features.

  • The major drawback associated with electric vehicles is that it requires stationary charging. Initially, you need to put your EV at the stationary charging point at least for a few hours and charging at commercial places sometimes costs more.
  • There is a short life of batteries in colder climates. 
  • It is unaffordable to a lot more of the population. 
  • A lot of hell of electricity is needed to charge them. As not all electric production is from renewable energy sources.  
  • The disposals of toxic batteries or even heavy material can be hazardous. 

Difference between Electric Vehicles and Traditional Cars

In terms of emissions, Electric vehicle produces no tailpipe emissions as its tail has a plug for charging purposes. While in fuel-based cars there are emissions of several harmful gases which are unfit for the environment. This is because it leads to air pollution and noise pollution.
Apart from miles coverage, it has a mind blowing other fascinating features. Moving onto the next comparison in terms of equipment, electric cars use an electric motor with a controller for the functioning of the car while combustion engine in traditional cars.
There is a simple household plug for charging in electric cars while there is a gas tank for fuel filling. Though charging at commercial charge points is starting to cost more, but still not much in comparison to fuel duty. 

To go with a trend and for a silky-smooth driving experience, one can definitely go for electric vehicles, may it be e-bike or an electric car as they produce less amount of emissions as compared to conventional ones.

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