July 24, 2024

Camshafts are essential to engine accessories. A good quality camshaft will improve the speed and performance of the vehicle. If you are into drag racing or want to enjoy the off-road track, then you need a quality camshaft.

People often invest good money in purchasing shafts that are the best. You can go with popular manufacturers like Crow CamsTop-rated automotive parts manufacturers design shafts that are durable to all types of harsh driving conditions.

The specifications of good camshafts may vary, depending upon the combinations. Selecting the right shaft is essential so the piston and valves are safe when the engine is running, even at top speed. You may have to focus on different features.

  1. Engine type

The shaft has to be connected to the engine directly. It helps in regulating the speed of the engine. If the shaft is not of the right grade in length and fitting, then it may not synchronize with the engine.

This means that before you select the camshaft, you have to focus on the inches and type of the engine. The shaft should be an exact fit – not loose or tight. It should move freely when the engine is running at any speed.

  1. Compression ratio

You have already read above that the shaft and the engine has to be synchronized. The vehicle engine will expand and compress at a fixed ratio. The compression ratio also decides the performance of the engine and the vehicle.

If the engine compression ratio is greater, then the camshaft has to be supportive. If the shaft is smaller in length then the engine can get damaged. So you have to look at the compression ratio of the engine when buying a camshaft.

  1. Cylinder head

The cylinder head and the valve should not touch against each other when the engine is running. If the cylinder and the valve head touch, then a lot of friction will be produced. This is never good for the vehicle engine.

If the cylinder head is not right, then you will end up damaging the entire engine. So you can always measure the engine head and then invest money in the camshaft.

  1. Fuel injection

Fuel injections are either manual or automated. In both cases, the camshafts are not the same. So it is obvious that you have to focus on the fuel injection system before you buy the camshaft. You can inspect the induction system when comparing the features.

It is also important that the weight of the vehicle should be compared. For heavy vehicles, you may need heavy duty camshafts. The way you will be handing the vehicle also makes a big difference in your selection. Some other factors might also include tire height and speed.

For drag racing, you may need a heavy-duty and flexible camshaft that can absorb shocks. Apart from this you also have to compare the stall speed. This generally depends on the application. If you are using the car to run on an oval track or the street, then your choices may not be the same.

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