December 3, 2023

Speeding is still the most frequent offense on British roads, with nearly 200,000 motorists arrested between January and March in the midst of it all, according to most recent figures.

A Freedom of Information request by the leading temporary car insurance company Cuvva to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) revealed the most frequent mistakes drivers made during the first quarter of 2023, which resulted in penalty points added to their licenses.

Most motorists who received penalty points for crossing the limits on roads that are public (156,457) were issued with an SP30 offense code. This is particularly alarming because speed is one of the major factors that cause fatal road crashes.

Following speeding, the second most frequently committed crime was driving without insurance. While it’s legally required, however, the statistics show an astounding 10,286 drivers went to the roads with no insurance (IN10).

If you’re in the habit of driving a car that is uninsured in the UK, the driver may be subject to a fixed fine of PS300 plus six penalty points. If the case is taken through the courts, you may receive an unlimited fine and even be denied your driver’s license.

In certain instances, police may be able to take away or even destroy a vehicle that is without insurance.

Utilizing a mobile device while at the steering wheel (CU80) is among the driving offenses that are growing in speed (35 percent higher than the same time in the previous year). This is a result of a clampdown following revisions made to the Highway Code last year, which made it illegal to touch your mobile phone while driving. That includes listening to music when you are waiting in traffic.

The fifth most frequent driving offense, which resulted in penalties, was due to owners of cars who failed to provide the details of who was driving the vehicle during the time a crime was committed (MS90).

Five of the most frequently committed road traffic violations

  1. SP30: Exceeding the statutory speed limit on public roads – 156,457 motorists
  2. SP50: Exceeding the speed limit limit on an autobahn – 38,386 drivers
  3. In10: Driving a car that is not covered against risk from third parties 10 286 drivers
  4. CU80: Infraction to the rules in relation to controlling the vehicle, for example, the use of mobile phones 7,135 drivers
  5. MS90: Failure to provide information regarding the identity of the driver, etc. 5,224 drivers

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