September 26, 2023
go kart

Go karts are one of the most loved adventurous sports! People get enticed by the idea of karting on these exciting cars on the tracks racing wildly competing with other drivers. No doubt this activity has gripped most adults and kids madly, and people actually spend a good amount of their money (not to mention time) for go kart rides.

 But just excitement isn’t all that go kart offers! There’s a huge risk of your skull damage, rib injury, neck sprain and life too. And though it never is intentional and most of the time such mishaps don’t occur, no danger comes with a prior warning! Go karts can be as dangerous as it can be exciting. Thus, staying safe is the key factor for every go kart fan!

Some essential safety rules to follow for safer go karting!

 We often get overwhelmed in an exhilarating activity and do forget that safety comes first everywhere! And the result is often so tragic, that sometimes you aren’t even alive or in your senses to understand the damage. In order to avoid such drastic situations, follow the safety rules given for go karting below:

  • Helmets are mandatory Go kart helmets from Melbourne Kart Centre are the best to safeguard you from any kind of skull injury. These are made of excellent quality and are available in all sizes that can fit you or even your kid perfectly. Once these go kart helmets are secured properly on your head, you can race the way you want and your brain, your head remains safest with it.
  • Say no to loose clothing — That’s the second most dangerous factor after the head injury that often leads to drivers getting injured severely while karting. It’s the loose clothing that often gets caught in the tyres or some other part and can even lead to the driver being dragged out of the kart in a dangerous way. Hence, for being entirely safe during go karting, always avoid loose clothes or scarfs.
  • Seat belt is essential — This goes without saying how crucial a seat belt can be for a super fast go kart! You’ll have to keep yourself firmly in place while the kart takes weird turns and races with the wind as you drive it. That’s obviously done by a seat belt which shouldn’t be avoided at all in any kind of drive.
  • Neck collars and rib vests — As mentioned before, the most common injury in an accident with go karting is that which damages your rib and your neck. To ensure both of these are entirely safe at the time of such unfortunate times, see to it that you have your rib vests and neck collars on. These not only protect your joints from the sudden jerks, but also grant hundred percent safeties in case you are thrown out of the car due to an accident.
  • No riders on the lap —You may be the super daddy or the brave mummy, but never ever carry a rider on your lap. This is extremely dangerous for both of you, and can lead to very serious circumstances.
  • Go kart equipment and condition— Most of the time, you are perfectly covered and driving excellently, but the problem lies in your kart. If your kart isn’t working properly or lacks some equipment, then what happens next can be well predicted. Ensure to keep your kart in good condition or hire the one that’s well equipped and properly cared for.

It’s sad when an amazing sport like go kart turns out to be such a tragedy for some people. This shows how important safety is for anything and how religiously you should follow the safety rules to enjoy your favourite sport worry free!

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