July 24, 2024
GM isn’t planning to¬†electrify its vehicles in the coming years and is also planning to eliminate combustion engines.¬†According to CNBC, GM has¬†announced plans to eradicate exhaust emissions from its new “light-duty vehicles” (read: regular automobiles) by 2035.¬†While technically, this offers the possibility of hydrogen-powered powertrains and similar zero-emissions models. However, the U.S. automobile giant declares that it’s looking to create an “all-electric future.”¬†If you’re looking for a GM group vehicle in 2035, it will be an electric vehicle.

This will be part of a bigger plan to be carbon neutral by 2040, making use of “science-based targets” for its actions.¬†This includes a goal of achieving all renewable power sources in the world in 2035 (in the U.S. by 2030) and utilizing carbon offsets “sparingly” when it can’t decrease its carbon dioxide output.

The new plan is in line with the recent and coming EV debuts, like those of the Hummer EV poster child, new Chevy Bolts, and the Cadillac Celestiq. GM is currently planning to launch 30 new EVs in 2025. The company expects that the majority of Cadillacs will be electric by 2030.

GM has been a proponent of electric vehicles for a long time. Still, its critics have accused it of shifting its priorities based on who is running the U.S.¬†It was a supporter of an earlier version of the Trump administration’s lawsuit to¬†eliminate California’s authority to establish standards for emissions from fuels and regulations. Still, it¬†backed off¬†soon following Joe Biden’s win in the election.¬†President Biden announced a set of environmental policies just one day before GM’s announcement, including an assessment of developments involving fossil fuels.¬†Although GM may not have made an immediate decision, it is clear that combustion engines aren’t going to be popular in the White House.

The issue is whether the other American automakers will be following similar steps.¬†Ford,¬†as well as¬†Fiat Chrysler, have discussed electrifying their ranges for a long time. However, they haven’t yet decided on a point at which electric vehicles are the only option at dealerships.¬†Although GM’s announcement could be more about creating positive publicity as it is helping the environment, it could not be a problem in the event that it inspires other companies to adopt the same strategy.

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