February 25, 2024

According to reports, the government is launching an app master that acts as a single-stop-shop that will offer information about locations and availability of charging stations. The app’s goal is to increase the adoption of electric vehicles and alleviate the fear of range for users.

According to reports, the state-owned Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL) is working on gathering information on the private industry to create its Super app. It is expected to be launched within the next four to six weeks. The app will provide charging types, availability, and rates, allowing users to change and make reservations at nearby stations.

Mahua Acharya, managing director of CESL, said in an article on news reports, “Apart from information on the network of public charging stations, the app will reflect information shared by OEMs, enhancing visibility and traffic at private charging points. Consumers will get peace of mind knowing that they can readily access information and make reservations at nearby stations if they need to charge their vehicles on the go.”

The official also said, “We need an extensive network of charging stations at strategic locations, which are safe, well-lit, well-covered and where users can top-up their electric vehicles within an hour. This will help cut down battery size, make electric vehicles more affordable, ease range anxiety and speed up adoption of e-vehicles, even for long-haul travel.”

According to market reports, “India currently has just 3000 charging stations for electric vehicles, about six for every 1000 EVs.


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