September 30, 2023

Alloy wheels can get damaged very often and if that happens, they need immediate repairs. For getting the allow wheel refurbished and repaired, you can hire an expert technical team. You need to keep in mind that, damaged and chipped alloy wheels can damage the looks and performance of your new car.

If you are new to wheel refurbishment then you can still search for more information related to alloy wheel refurbishment in Essex and see the techniques used by them. Expert alloy wheel repairing services often make use of technologically advanced methods to carry out all types of repairs tasks.

Alloy wheel refurbishment is one of the most effective ways to help eliminate minor damages from the wheel. It leaves the alloy wheel with sparkling new looks.

Cleaning task

To effectively repair the alloy wheel, the expert technical team will perform the cleaning task. This is to ensure that all traces of debris, grime, and dirt have been perfectly removed from the alloy wheel cap. This task is simple but is very much effective.

It leaves the alloy wheel free from dirt so the damages can be easily visible for repairs. It also proves helpful in tracing all types of scratch on the alloy wheelbase.

Tire masking

To perform the task of wheel refurbishment it is important that the rubber tire has to be protected. The expert team will always make use of a perfect masking agent to cover the exposed part of the tire and wheel.

This task helps protect the entire tire from further damage during the cleaning and refurbishment process.

Sanding task

Alloy wheels are difficult to repair as in most cases the outer layer is left with a rough feeling. To perform the task the expert team makes use of quality sanding techniques. With technological advancement, manual sanding techniques are rarely used.

The process of sanding is also performed lightly so it does not damage the wheel further.

Filler application

Once the damaged area has been sanded then the expert will make use of filler material. This will help cover all types of scuffs and damages that are present on the wheelbase and the rim area. After the filler is applied it is allowed to dry out naturally.

The moment the alloy wheel is completely dried, the sanding part is repeated. This will remove any filler material that is accumulated in excess. This will leave the alloy wheel with a smooth finish. 

Paint application

The next step is to apply a coating of the basic primer followed by matching paint touch up. Each task of wheel refurbishment has to be performed accurately to get the best result. 

The moment the paint is applied the technical expert will try and select original paint that matches perfectly with the alloy wheel.

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