June 24, 2024

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Honda Company’s products are its milestones for its exciting luxurious appearance, features and performance.  No doubt, any Indian will praise worthy of Honda’s products, whether it is a car or a bike.  The Company has earned such a non-erasable name and stuck deep in the minds of all Indians.  Honda Civic Hybrid is never an exception where we feel the warmth of greatness of luxury.  This car was the first hybrid of its kind from the day of its launch in the Country. The specialty of Honda Civic Hybrid is that it gives the driver a thrilling moment when he switches on the ignition of this car.  On this first impression, every one will have that feeling everlastingly.  This car is surely one of the most environment-friendly cars ever seen on Indian roads.

Honda Civic Hybrid – Engine

Honda Civic Hybrid has been powered by a highly technological engine which offers an eye-catching look and good fuel efficiency.  This is also powered by a 1.3L, i-VTEC engine along with a solid and competent electric motor system.  The system also provides 3 stage valve timing.  When the driver happens to apply the brakes, the engine automatically stops for a while.  On releasing the brake pedal, the engine restarts on its own.  A great system provided for an easy handling for the driver, no?

Honda Civic Hybrid – Design

The innovative technology combined with the powerful engine has wrapped up in the stylish design of Honda Civic Hybrid.  The front portion of the car has been decorated with mist lamps, fantastic head lights and a shiny front fence.  The owners of Honda Civic Hybrid take frequent rides for a while because they find a complete relaxation when travelling.  They also get rid of the stress and strains of the outer world.

Honda Civic Hybrid – Interiors

The interiors of Honda Civic Hybrid are very technically designed for a comfortable journey.  A high tech audio system and uniform cooling system have been provided along with vanity mirrors, the front and rear centre arm rest.  Please note that the audio controls are fixed on the steering.  The dual zone Automatic Climate Control system balances the warmth and cool atmosphere inside the car.

Honda Civic Hybrid – Price & Fuel Efficiency

The price of Honda Civic Hybrid is Rs.21.5 lakhs approximately.  It gives a fuel efficiency of 19 km per liter on the city roads.  This has been considered to be on the higher side since a petrol based model offers a mileage of 15.0 km per liter.Honda Civic Hybrid gives us two different colors of choice.  They are Premium Pearl White and Alabaster Silver. No doubt , that the customer and the car lover will be excited by the performance, models and the experience they get from Honda Civic Hybrid.

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