September 30, 2023

Your car might have unsightly stains that you might be embarrassed about. Car owners often overlook cleaning their carpets. An uncleaned carpet can stink over time. Cleaning these carpets is not a very hard task and it doesn’t need to be deep cleaned now and then. Here are some ways to keep your car clean internally as well as externally.


First thing is to keep it away from clutter. This can be tricky as it is a small space. Remove all the small things lying around from the carpet and the cup holders. You can get a car organizer to keep the car clean. Many choices are depending on the size.

Clean the stains immediately

One thing to look for is to try clearing the stains immediately when it happens. If you make cleaning immediately a regular thing, then you might not end up with stinky carpet or unclean upholstery. If you have kids or pets getting dirty is inevitable but if you make it a habit then you will have a spotless carpet and a clean car.

Clean your car regularly

Cleaning your car seat regularly removes odors that are trapped inside. Clean your seat with an upholstery cleaner. They are not very expensive. You can also use it with a carpet cleaning machine which will make the job easier.

Maintain your upholstery

A bad-smelling car will diminish the resale value. Always have vehicle carpet & upholstery cleaners with you. It will help keep your car clean and away from bad odors. Eliminate stains and restore the car’s initial freshness by using these and your car feels as good as new.

Using dishwashing liquid

A dishwasher liquid is a good degreaser but it can sometimes suck essential oils in the paint. If you use such liquids repeatedly, you are reducing the life of your paint job. Instead, use a do-it-yourself car wash. Use cleaners that are exclusively formulated for vehicles.

Clay Bar Kit

It comes with a lubricating spray and synthetic clay. When you move faster, the coat on your deflects to some extent. Washing can only remove the dirt outside but the embedded dirt needs some thorough cleaning. Get the clay and divide it into four sections. Rub it over the paint back and forth until the clay starts changing color. Toss it and get a fresh piece for other areas. It will give you a glass-like finish.

Shampoo the carpet

Start vacuuming from the top. Vacuum headliner, dash, and door panels. Then clean the window glass and other nooks and crannies. This will help restore your car’s interior. Buy an aerosol can with a decent smell to get rid of the rest of the odor. If your car has a bad smell it gets difficult every day without cleaning it properly. Also, make sure you change the car’s air filter when you are working with cleaning your car interiors.

Cleaning the Leather

Buy a leather cleaning if you have leather upholstery. If you clean dust right away you can have a complete clean-up in no time. Pretreat leather with a conditioner, wipe off stains and let it sit for some time. Then wipe with a clean cloth. After this make sure you apply a leather cleaner and protection cream for your leather upholsteries in your car. Apart from carpet, this is also an important area that needs vacuuming and cleaning.

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