February 25, 2024

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You have been driving your year’s old car and now it is no more an asset. Want repair works! – off course not! That is just out of the question, either it’s not worth repairing or the cost of repair is so high that perhaps even cross the car’s present value.

Well, don’t get upset. If you have a second thought of buying a new car, you can sell out your present car to the car wreckers. It’s worth saying- one man’s scrap is another man’s treasure. There are wreckers in Sunshine Coast who are ready to buy your unwanted car at any condition. Eventually, the good news is while you are selling it to a wrecker or salvage yard you can recoup some money out of your this step. 

However, before selling or disposing your car to the wreckers some of the points you need to follow-

  • Remove all your personal belongings and valuable parts 

Your aim is not only to dispose of the car but to squeeze as much as money possible from the wrecked car. Hence, take away all your personal belongings like entertainment systems, custom usables that you can restore in your new car. In the same way, other valuable components such as starter motors, battery, and wheels you can remove that can be sold to retailers or drivers separately for a similar car model from where you can fetch some dollars. But you can leave the tires as dealers may refuse to buy your car if it’s not in towable condition.

  • Check up fuel status

Do not forget to check the gas tank. Some dollars might be hiding there. If there’s some gasoline in the tank, siphon it out and store it for future use or can give it to a friend. If you lack the mechanical know-how to do all these, call in a friend or a  mechanic to help out.

  • Contact wreckers in your area

From your local Yellow Pages, you can find all of the local wreckers in your vicinity. Connect with them for quotes. Also, you can reach the wreckers in Sunshine Coast online. Once you submit your query online, you get the response at the shortest possible time. Check whether the wrecker is candid or not and give him all the particulars of the vehicle such as the make and model, and the type of damage that the vehicle has. Try to avoid doing business over the phone and call them to your premises for inspection to get the most accurate offer for your vehicle. Taking the vehicle to their place may simply add to your costs of selling the vehicle.

  • Compare offers and costs

After you contact all of the wreckers and get the quotes, compare the offers along with the amount that you expect. Also, check if driving the car to their location is profitable or a pick-up service is.  If the vehicle is still drivable, this is not much of an issue. If not, request them to lift it for you in some considering money.

  • Remove license plates

Well, the license plate is not going to be useful when it is scraped but to be crushed anyway. But it’s different compared to selling to a car dealership than to sell to a car wrecker. So you must need to remove the license/ registration plate before handing it over to the wrecker and return it to RMS for cancellation. It is a legal requirement in several states.

  • Cancel your car insurance

Once you scrap the car it is nothing to do with the car insurance. But still, it is an imperative course of action to check the payment and the policy expiry status. If the validity is already expired – no matter, in case you have recently paid the premium or it is valid for more six months, you are eligible to get a refund on the cancellation. Notify your dealer, along with refunded money you can make a solid business relationship with the dealer.

  • Ensure your dealer is licensed

It is one of the most important parts to verify the dealer’s license. Once you make up your mind with which dealer to go with,  for your own sake check and ensure your preferred dealer has an active license. You can ask him for a copy and verify the same online or get it checked by the state officer. The wrecker may offer you an irresistible deal within a limited period. Do not get caught by the trap, check and complete all the legal formalities before final signature. Working with a licensed dealer protects you from potential liabilities in the future.

  • Clean and complete paperwork

The most vital thing you need to do before handing over your car to the wrecker is to transfer the title of your vehicle to the wrecker. You can sell your car without a title but it’s a bit difficult. Transferring your car title enables you to transfer ownership to the dealer. This way, you can be saved from any unforeseen if happens – no one will ask you to take part in the investigation.

Most auto wreckers don’t have much good reputation.  If this is your first time- do a search with experienced people around you. Putting a bit of effort before ending up with your vehicle will certainly bring you benefits. After all, you have so many good memories of your old car!

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