December 3, 2023
The field of electric mobility has grown into a significant business sector, and a variety of players have carved their niche with innovative solutions. With companies like Mahindra and Hero moving to electric vehicles and the emergence of new companies like Ather Energy catching the investors with their unique technological innovations, Electric Vehicles have become the future for India’s auto industry to become more intelligent.

When we talk about smart vehicles, it is impossible to overlook the person who led India’s mobile manufacturer and has made the switch away from mobiles to advanced mobility. Co-founder of Micromax, Rahul Sharma, today announced India’s first AI-powered motorcycle, Revolt RV400. Revolt RV400 under his new venture called Revolt Intellicorp. Ltd.

Utilizing the analogy of a mobile phone, Sharma told Entrepreneur India, “The current industry is in a feature phone state where the product, once sold, is released to the end-consumer for usage. It is moving towards the smartphone wave, where you sell a product, and the consumers start using it for various apps, videos, etc. That’s where the automobile industry will move with Revolt.”

A Vehicle for All?

India is the second-largest motorbike marketplace in the world, and sales are dominating the basic commuters. Over 20 million 2-wheelers were sold to Indian customers in 2017/18, which makes it the most coveted segment of vehicles sold in India. This makes it one of the most damaging to the environment, and therefore, there is a huge opportunity to make this segment cleaner and more sustainable.

In the discussion of change and change, we’ve seen often it is costly. The Indian consumer could take a bit of time to become accustomed to the notion of putting money into environmental protection. But Revolt is for all, especially the college-going crowd who can’t afford the minimum cost of other bikes, and, surprisingly, women are also.

The price is strategically set with a price tag of INR 3,499 for the basic model and INR 3999 for the top model; the sleek Revolt RV400 is all set to set new standards in the automobile industry due to the latest design, technology, and ride dynamics. “This bike doesn’t have any gear or kick, it’s all smart. It is so easy for women drivers to drive this bike… This is a product for them,” Sharma stated.

Technology-driven REVOLT

Revolt is entering in the EV Space with the promise of “Unlimited Revolt’s” unbeatable battery warranty and complimentary service, consumables, and a replacement type guarantee for three years from the start. The industry’s first MaaS (Motorcycle for sale as a Service) Model is with a fully digital instrument cluster, 4G connectivity, and an LED light source.

Revolt Intellicorp will be an integrated eco-system that spans the city and allows riders to swap their batteries in Revolt portable swap points, which will be active stations in the network of coverage in New Delhi. The riders can recharge the battery in fewer than four hours from their office or home by plugging in any 15-ampere outlet since batteries are portable and able to be removed easily from the bike and put again after charging.

The AI-equipped motorcycle comes with an ARAI-certified distance of 156 miles and is powered with Revolt, the Revolt App, which is available for both Android and iOS. The app has connectivity features like “Bike Locator’, “door-step battery delivery,” “mobile swap stations,’ “anti-theft,’ ‘sound preview’ and selection, as well as other features that are essential to those who ride two wheels.

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