September 30, 2023

Do you know that a high number of dangerous accidents do happen at road intersections? And amongst these, almost 20% are fatal leading to the death of the motorists on the spot. Scary, isn’t it? Regardless of this fact, we still see lots of drivers rashly driving in such areas and causing a huge damage to life and money due to it. Whereas, such incidents can be avoided if you just follow the simple rules to stay safe around intersections and drive carefully.

Simple but Life-saving Tips to Drive Around Intersections!

Every driver gets a special theory and practical lesson on driving at intersections properly in a good driving school. In Berwick, Your Local Driving Academy also teaches you the same perfectly. Their teachers and trainers do their best to create wonderful drivers through their immaculately planned lessons. And for being that awesome driver, you should surely follow what you learnt!

  • Don’t Get Distracted — As soon as you know you’re going to enter an intersection, stay very alert. As it is you shouldn’t be texting or talking while driving, but even if you are doing so in an emergency, quit everything when there’s an intersection ahead.
  • Slow Down — As you approach an intersection, there are going to be cars and pedestrians coming from all directions. You obviously don’t want to harm anyone by a sudden brake or speed. So, better control your speed.
  • Give Your Signal — You need to signal your desired direction when you are driving at an intersection. It prevents lots of accidents and is a basic road discipline rule that you should follow.
  • Concentrate On the Surroundings — An intersection has lots of cars, pedestrians and even cyclists and bike riders around it. It’s very essential to check them all while you ride through. Keep a track of the signals. A single error can cause a drastic accident.
  • Keep a Safe Distance — Maintaining a safe distance from the car ahead of you is crucial at an intersection as well. This would prevent any accidents or bumps in case they stop dead suddenly. They may overspeed or rush, but you should maintain your speed and pace and stop or move according to the rules.
  • Always Stay Alert on an Intersection— The intersection is the most unpredictable route. Try being always alert in this area. Keep your foot on the brake, eyes on the road and your steering straight while crossing the intersection!
  • Stay More Precautious when the Weather is Bad — If it’s snowing or you are facing heavy rainfall or the atmosphere is too foggy, be extra precautious. Driving slowly, keeping the fog lights and headlights on are some of the basic precautions that you should always take when driving at an intersection.

Driving through any road needs special attention and alertness. And when it’s an intersection, be double sure of following all the driving rules and safety measures. This is best for your life, your car and the life and car of others as well.

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