February 25, 2024

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Once a car lover always a car lover, and if you are one of them, you will identify with the fact how immensely certain upgrades add to your driving experience. That being said, here are 7 car upgrades that will make your ride smarter and look gorgeous.

1. Low-profile alloy wheels

It is strange how wheels can make a huge difference to a car’s appearance. While nobody may notice your hot hatchback so much, the same car with low-profile alloy rims becomes a head turner instantly. Low-profile alloy wheels look elegant but should be driven with care. Running these wheels into potholes may lead to damage. So, if you are going for these rolling beauties, make sure you take good care of them on road.

2. Tracker

If you constantly worry about getting your car stolen, a car tracker is a saving grace for you. These car trackers can be installed on your car, and you can track live location via your Smartphone app. If a friend borrows your car, these trackers will send a notification to your phone should he/she goes beyond a certain speed limit. Trackstar car trackers are connected to a network of satellites which work efficiently regardless of bad weather.

3. High-performance air filter

How often do you get air filter changed? If it’s an ordinary air filter, you will have to get it replaced every time you get your car serviced. On the other hand, high-performance air filters can serve your car for years. Besides, they increase the air intake amount and ensures a slight increase in acceleration and fuel efficiency. The best part is, these filters also enhance the sound of the engine, giving you the same feel as driving a sports car.

4. Muffler

If you want more sound from your car without tampering with the engine, replacing the stock tail pipe with a performance muffler is the best way forward. These mufflers can be tuned to deliver desired decibels as per your preference. Not only sound, but these mufflers account for a slight increase in the performance as well.

5. Daytime running lights

Daytime running lights get your car noticed from a distance and give better luminance at night. Even if your car doesn’t come with daytime running lights as standard, you can safely go with the aftermarket purchase. It’s an affordable upgrade that will instantly turn your car into a head-turner.

6. Spoiler

A spoiler sits above your car’s trunk and regulates aerodynamics at higher speeds. In terms of aesthetics, a spoiler can make a difference of night and day to your car. Although spoilers are available in various shapes and sizes, your car mod expert can recommend a suitable one basis your preference, model and make. Installation of spoiler should only be entrusted to a car expert to avoid unsightly scars at the back of your car.

7. Body Kit

If you want your car to look heavily modified, installing a body kit is the easiest way among others. The body kit comprises of front & rear bumpers and side skirts. Body kit is never a great fit for off-roading. If your car is mostly driven on speedy highways and well-built streets, you can safely invest in a body kit. But hey, watch out for that speed bump though.

Car modification has always been a favourite pastime for car enthusiasts. If you know someone who could use these tips to pimp their ride and turn heads on the street, feel free to share this article with them.

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