September 30, 2023

The senior director and head of business for the charging network Ola Electric Mobility has been dismissed. According to reports, this is the 32nd resignation of Ola Electric since 2000. According to news published on ET Auto, this comes just a week after the departure of  HR director at Ola Electric.

The resignations continue within Ola Electric. According to the reports available, the company’s previous head, , resigned from the company as the regional head in May. In April,  the chief marketing officer of Ola Electric, also left the company. The high-profile departures have occurred because Ola Electric is facing some investigation regarding battery fires.

According to the latest available news reports, Ola electric saw its registrations drop in June due to the fire-related incidents that put the company fourth in the overall category. Based on VAHAN data, Ola Electric saw 5869 electric scooter registrations on June 30.

In a statement, Ola Electric commented on the same. In a news report, Ola Electric said, “We calibrated our business priority for the month to focus on bettering our customer service and brought our turnaround time to within 48 hours. Come July, we are confident that supply chain issues will start fading out and our strong order book will be fulfilled.”


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