September 26, 2023

MG Motor India and its consortium partners have announced an additional season for the Developer Program (MGDP) and Grant to promote Innovation as a pillar of the brand. The program allows participants to learn about, create, and offer solutions for the auto industry.
“MGDP Season 4 aims to facilitate a positive change in the industry by creating a space for EV innovators from across the country to collaborate and develop novel solutions. This is a platform that seeks to unite the best brains of the industry to come together and innovate ideas that have the potential to change the EV landscape. We believe that by this we shall be able to foster a conducive environment where talent, Innovation, and technology can all flourish together,” said Rajeev Chaba, president and managing director of MG Motor India.
The program focuses on developing an innovation platform for developers, startups, and innovators. This will not just offer opportunities for solutions but also creative ideas in areas like charging infrastructure fleet management, charging infrastructure electric components, electric batteries sustainable energy options, EV battery life cycle management connected car solutions, and BaaS; it can also facilitate the development of new experiences and applications throughout the EV ecosystem, as stated in the statement.
“Innovation and technology are essential to any industry’s growth, which is also true in the case of the mobility industry. This program shall produce some of the finest and most talented innovators who would be poised to transform the automotive industry. Furthermore, it will stimulate the development of innovative concepts in the Indian automotive industry, leading to further progression and growth. We look forward to uncovering some innovative solutions through this initiative,” said Deepak Bagla, managing director and CEO of Invest India.
MGDP is a distinct initiative by the carmaker that aims to help designers in mobility stay on top of new technologies through high-quality mentoring. It has been recognized as one of the leading mentorship programs in the business, which encourages entrepreneurs and innovators to join MG and its consortium partner in shaping an improved future for the automotive industry by introducing new technologies that provide an exciting experience every time.

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