July 24, 2024
Utilise Your Garage

A garage on a property makes it better than the ones which don’t have the same! It is the one thing that can attract a lot of buyers to your property. And even while you are using it, it is a matter of convenience for you in order to secure and protect your car from all sorts of damage. But what if you presently don’t have any car? Or you have just shifted in a new home with a garage and a new car may take some time! Or you’ve got a lavish place dedicated as your garage wherein your car just occupies a small space, what can you do with the rest of such a spacious room? 

That’s when most of the times your garage starts stinking and stagnating and soon gets converted into a dumping ground! But wasting such a spacious room that can otherwise become a very useful area is something not acceptable. So, why not try transforming it into something really cool and useful? Why not charm it up with a nice little home decor, some aesthetic touch and complete the look by adding a garage carpet in NZ from Unreal lawns? They have the best carpet solution for your garage and would get it covered beautifully for you to make your space more impressive and useful.

Utilise your garage space creatively and wisely!

Don’t you think an out of the box idea can do wonders with your garage? The space that would have probably been rusted and spoilt due to car parking and its fuel and other materials being dumped in it, can actually turn out to be the best corner in the home for you. Wondering how is this possible? Read on!

  • Private gym area — There are fitness enthusiasts who don’t like exercising in front of others in the living room, and visiting a gym daily can be taxing! That’s when your garage space turns out to be a boon for you! Just get the right mats and wall pictures that can motivate you, install some mirrors to keep an eye on your progress and get your gym equipment. You are good to go exercising the whole day here! Just don’t forget to keep your music system here to enjoy your work out better!
  • Kids’ play area — Still thinking which place to dedicate for the naughty, playful time of your kids? (We know your living room has lots of expensive decor items and furniture – so, it may be too compact for them to spread their wings.) Then an empty or spacious garage can even fill up for their play space! Just get the hard floors covered with felts or thick carpets and get their swings and toys in the place. You can even stick their favourite cartoon pictures on the wall or let them decorate their play space the way they like.
  • Room for pets —- If your pets are too noisy and can’t keep your living room stable from their explorations, or they have a cruel way of handling your carefully landscaped gardens, or when you have different pets  fighting in the house all the time, then better shift one of them in here! You can build a small kennel, or place a cat basket here and let your pets enjoy their new home.
  • Office or studio —If you have just bought a home and haven’t got much fund to rent an office, you can utilise your spare garage as your working space! Simply add in your office furniture, change the colour of the walls to something more pleasurable and cover the floor with laminate or carpets, and voila! you are ready to work from home (or should we say garage!) anytime.
  • Hobby room — We all have different hobbies and interests. There should be a specific place and ambience to motivate you to keep engulfed in your hobbies. Like a colourful room with lots of artistic frames on the wall motivates you to paint more. A room with books all around tempts you to read more, etc. You can make this corner of your home your hobby room, and practise your best loved activities here.

Your garage can fulfil all your needs and demands, and play any role you want! Just ensure you are keeping it clean and organised with good interiors. Then you’ll just have to add the theme based furniture and you have a multi-tasking space ready!

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