September 30, 2023

Irrespective of the season in which you are planning your travel, you need to pack right every time you visit London for a pleasant stay. From clothes to toiletries, there is a lot to consider, and since there are many places to explore to eat, chill and party at any time of the day, you might be packing stuff which will come back home, unused. Since we don’t want you to hate your packing skills, follow the post below and pack right!

1. Shoes meant for walking

Even though you will have numerous options for transportation from London to Southampton at your disposal, but be prepared to walk. If you are planning to pack multiple heels and just one pair of shoes, it’s better to revise that decision. Durable shoes are highly essential to ensure that when you are exploring London on foot and enjoying the various delicacies and street shows, you don’t have to deal with sore feet. Research well before you pick a pair.

2. A jacket

Depending on the season in which you are planning to take a trip to London, pack the right clothes. If it’s the beautiful yet chilly winters that you have chosen, make sure you carry fine quality jackets to enjoy the weather without getting frostbite. Alternatively, if it’s the bright summers you want to experience in London, general summer wears (not the teeny tiny ones) would suffice you.

3. Evening gowns

How can you not go out to fancy dinners when in London? Pack a few of your most stunning and head-turning gowns to enjoy the evening like a royal with your beloved. Since you will be wearing your casual jeans and tops for the sightseeing, packing fancier clothes is an excellent option for your special dinners. Also, since there are numerous party options in London, pack some funky clothes for such nights as well.

4. Passport copies

One of the best tricks of all times to ensure that you don’t get into trouble in a foreign country is to keep numerous copies of your passport with you. Keep a copy in all your bags including your handbag. This way, if ever any of luggage gets stolen or gets misplaced, identification would be easier.

5. Makeup and toiletries

One can’t do without makeup when going to such an Instagram worthy destination, right ladies? If you are relying on the makeup stores in London to buy all your favourite products, then don’t! Carry your makeup and purchase anything additional if you like. This way you won’t feel ditched in case you don’t find your makeup essentials there. Also, carry some of your basic and essential toiletries for the same reason above.

6. Best tip to pack your clothes

When it comes to packing your clothes, you cannot crumble and stuff your bag with anything that pleases your eye. There is a pretty simple rule which helps you pack your clothes efficiently so you could bring more stuff for the trip without paying much for the luggage. Iron the clothes properly and set the creases wherever necessary, once it is done. Roll your clothes and then place them in the luggage bag. This way there will be more room for other garments, and you can pack better. Do not fold, always roll. There are various destinations that you might visit when in London and for that matter, travelling light is the key. Use the above tips to travel fair and avoid the situation where you might start doubting your packing skills. Also, share this post with all your friends who are flying to London anytime soon. 






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