February 25, 2024

ModFind is the top site for car enthusiasts to get what they want without spending time searching the Internet. There are also many stores, collectors, and other businesses to follow. The platform is ahead of Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace by miles.

After cleaning his garage, listing items on Craigslist, waiting for buyers, and chatting with over the place, Fred Courtot was like, there must be a better way of managing automotive parts online; it could have been a better mess.

After some thought about the idea and talking to auto enthusiasts, Fred decided to build an app specifically for those who love gear like his. The platform allows buying, selling parts, and even buying and selling cars to do more than ever.

The start

ModFind was first launched in 2019 as a mobile application, but later this year, Fred introduced a web-based site in response to the growing demand of users. ModFind is a hugely popular site with the most renowned brands, including BMW, Jeep, Porsche, and many more. Additionally, you can follow brands, shops, and even sellers to track the latest updates on the website.

In addition, Fred designed a genuinely original feature that was recently patented and is known as the Kickback. The Kickback is a fantastic system that lets users earn money by sharing their posts with acquaintances. Suppose a business wants to get rid of something quickly. Once they have created an offer, they could make an additional kickback. For instance, if you have a set worth $1500, you could advertise them for that price with a $100 kickback If someone else can find an interested buyer.

The person who locates the buyer only has to ensure that the buyer buys through their link. When the buyer accepts their wheels, the Kickback of $100 is transferred to the searcher’s ModFind account. This cash can be used to purchase any item on ModFind. It’s an excellent opportunity to earn money to spend and help sellers move items quickly!

ModFind is entirely free to use. Sellers pay a small fee when they sell their items, and unlike other sites, fees are different based on the item being sold. For instance, you could sell anything worth more than $5,000 for a fixed price of $250. Small objects are charged a 10-cent charge. Ultimately, the pricing system was designed to make it fair to all site users, from dealers to people on the street.

Where to Find ModFind

ModFind allows you to buy and sell auto parts for every gear market fan. Sign up now and start making purchases, posting messages, and following. It eliminates the stress of scouring Craigslist locations and other online marketplaces. It is possible to download the app on the App Store or Play Store. It is also possible to search for these online. Don’t disappoint yourself when finding automobile parts; check Fred Courtot’s ModFind today!

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