February 25, 2024

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Embrace the digital revolution without sending your old car radio to landfill.  The Pure Highway DAB Car Radio upgrades your current car radio to receive digital channels. In 2015 the UK Government will switch off the AM/FM radio channels so the chances are that your car radio will stop working without one of these Pure Highway DAB Car Radio receivers. 

Why do I need to go digital?

Digital radio is broadcast in crystal clear audio quality.  You’ll notice the difference immediately you tune into digital, and you’ll never want to go back to analogue. Extra radio stations are broadcast over DAB, including BBC 7, BBC Five Live Sports Extra, and Planet Rock.

The government thinks digital is brilliant.  As such, it’s requiring all national radio stations to broadcast only over DAB by 2015. In the next few years, all BBC radio stations are only going to be available on DAB Digital.  If, like many people in the UK, you prefer listening to a BBC radio station, you will need to switch to a DAB digital radio.

How does it work?

The Pure Highway DAB Car Radio enables your FM car stereo to play digital radio stations.  The Highway sits above your dashboard like a SatNav and tunes in to DAB radio stations.  It then broadcasts the DAB station you are listening to over FM airwaves to be picked up by your FM car stereo.  Four FM pre-sets on the Pure Highway can be synchronized with the pre-sets on your car radio for instant tuning.


The Pure Highway is powered using your in-car power socket, and requires no expertise to install.  A full in-car mounting kit is included with the Highway to attach it to your windscreen with a flexible magnetic mount, just like a SatNav.  The included DAB receiver mounts unobtrusively to your windscreen.

Bonus Features

The handheld Highway also works as a portable DAB radio. When you park your car and you are enjoying the radio show you’re listening to, you can take the Highway with you.  Simply plug in your headphones (not supplied), and you’re ready to go.  This feature requires 2 AA batteries, which provide up to 7 hours listening time. You can use it at home too, just plug in portable speakers.You can save up to 20 DAB radio presets for instant tuning to all your favourite stations.  Scrolling text across the Highway’s screen provides programme information.

The Highway’s ReVu feature lets you pause and rewind live radio, so you won’t miss a thing if you’re taking a handsfree call or refuelling at the petrol station. Tunes and podcasts from your iPod or MP3 player can be played on your car stereo using the Highway. A built-in USB socket lets you download new features for the Highway from the Internet as soon as they become available. If your car stereo has an aux-in socket, you can use the Highway line-out socket (3.5mm) to feed the signal directly to your car radio.

What makes it eco-friendly?

Buying a Highway means your current car radio won’t be sent to landfill or shipped overseas to a waste mountain.

What do the pros think about it?

The Pure Highway was awarded five stars by What Hi-Fi? and was 2008 winner of Product Honours from Auto Express

Included in the Box

Pure Highway DAB Car Radio

Windscreen Mounting Kit

High Sensitivity Adhesive Windscreen Mount Aerial

Power Cable

2 year warranty


Dimensions: 122mm x 70mm x 29mm (w/h/d)

Weight: 156g

What else do you need?

Pure Highway External AerialThe Pure Highway External Aerial gives the best possible DAB digital reception for the Pure Highway Car Radio, providing a signal even in areas with marginal DAB coverage. Mounted to the car roof, the External Aerial provides 360 degree unobstructed DAB reception. The External Aerial is the ideal add-on for drivers who frequently travel in fringe DAB areas or who prefer a roof mounted aerial. Installation is simple.  The aerial attaches to the roof of your car with a strong magnet, and the connection wire to the Pure Highway slips unobtrusively through the passenger door. Pure Highway Extra Car KitUse your Pure Highway DAB Car Radio in two cars with the Highway Extra Car Kit. The kit includes everything you need to mount your Highway into a second car, including windscreen aerial, windscreen mount, power cable, and cable tidy clips.

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