February 25, 2024

While driving your car, do you notice vibrations in your steering wheel or seat? Or, is there any noticeable loud, persistent thumping sound where you are going down your car to the office? If so, your vehicle might be equipped with a damaged tire rim. Tire rims usually bend when they take heavy damage due to unfortunate accidents or driving unconditionally over potholes.

Why shouldn’t you ignore a Bent Rim?

Damaged or tires with bent rims can affect your car and your driving ways in many different ways more than you can imagine. Moreover, if local enforcement bodies such as police find your car with a damaged tire, they might unnecessarily start questioning you. Apart from some penal tickets, bent or damaged tires can affect your driving abilities in many ways, such as turning your car around steep corners, braking, etc. Sometimes, damaged rims can cause tires to leak air, leading to decreased fuel economy and flat tires. Things that can be more dangerous than a flat tire caused by bent rims are a blowout at high speeds. So, as a safety measure, you should get your wheel repaired if you have obtained a tire with bent edges.

When Can Damaged Rims Be Repaired, and when do they need a replacement?

If your tire is bent, then a car mechanic will not find it challenging to straighten it out for you. But, if your tire rims are damaged due to lug holes or cracks, then you need to take it to wheel repair in Sydney. They will examine the damaged wheel’s condition and suggest if it can be repaired or need to be replaced. Even if it is repairable, you should compare the quote provided by the repair guy with the prices of a new wheel. If you find repairing the wheel worth your investment, go ahead or go and purchase a new wheel. 

Bonus tips: 

  • Save Money

If you’re hoping to save some money while getting your tires replaced, try looking up websites that deal with second-hand car accessories. If you are lucky, you might find some good deals on used, take-off rims. Don’t take used rims or wheels for damaged wheels. When some car owners upgrade their rims, they sell their old rims to local car repair shops, selling them on these websites. Though you sometimes may have to spend a lot of time looking for the exact wheel model, giving it a shot hurts no one, right?

  • Protect Your Tire

Now that you have entirely replaced your wheel rim with a new one, you might consider purchasing rim blades to protect your wheels from future damage. They might not be effective against serious injuries, but they can do wonders against pothole impacts.

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