February 25, 2024

There are innumerable reasons why your car should look prim and pristine! It is your constant companion (almost constant!). It kind of showcases your class, style, personality and everything that your companion should possess to match up to! That’s the reason why you should ensure your car should always look flawless (and not like one being stepped on by Godzilla)!

When you got your car keys from the showroom and drove away that shining, glossy, new model, you probably thought this beauty would at least last a few years! Whereas, Mother Nature has her own plans! The day you take that car out in clear sunshine, or park it without covers, the ultra violet rays plays havoc with your otherwise glamorous paint, which in response undergoes some chemical reactions! Result — those burnt patches on it! Additionally, there’s daily dirt, debris and scratches, bird poop, a rash driver on the road — all revealing your car’s basic metal, making the paint go dull!

The procedure to restore your car’s beauty easily!  

It’s not surprising to desire the same jazzy car every day! Let’s try the below ways through which your car can gleam again like new!

  • Wash the car —The basic process to restore the beauty of anything is to clean it!  Your car has seen miles and has the proofs of it stuck to its paint. Time for a clean-up! Get those pipes and washing detergents (car cleaning detergents are available) out and start scrubbing gently. Your car doesn’t have dirt only, but there can also be oil, grease, paint, bird poop etc. on it!
  • Remove surface contaminants — Ok, you have now successfully washed your car, or haven’t you? Well, there are still those surface contaminants breathing on your car. These are tough, minute particles that settle on your car paint and couldn’t be seen with naked eye. Nor can you get rid of them easily by just washing — and believe us, they are the biggest hindrance for a smooth, gleaming paint. This needs a special session of cleaning with detailing clay which is easily available in the markets.
  • Repair the dents or scratches —Other serious issues that can prevent a smooth painting are the dents and scratches that occur with time on the car. You can fill the same, or get it professionally treated. But dealing with them is necessary if you want your car to look unrivalled.
  • Spray paint the car — Spray paints are the best ways to personalise your car. You can use them as subtly or as flashy as you want. A jazzy red with a sombre black stripe, or the logo of your favourite sports club, a graffiti – you name it, and professionals can get it done on your car (They can share design options, or you can show them yours!). For such a transformation, you can hire a genie or in other words your car spray painter in Melbourne from Glossworks, and make your car look dandy using paint in just a few hours! Their unmatched technique and tons of experience join hands to make your car look new in a matter of time!
  • Glossy touch — You can give a touch of wax to your car to make it look more alluring! Now you can almost use your car to powder your nose or set your hair! Add a sealant too to have its glaze last longer! 

Now with the above tasks done, your car wouldn’t seem to be an oldie even if it is a decade old and you can flaunt it proudly around! 

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