July 24, 2024

When it comes to the drivetrain of a vehicle – regardless of the model or make – wheel hub bearings form a critical part of the entire system. They are responsible for offering the first connection between static and moving areas of the car, similarly to how a motor mount connects the chassis and engine. 

Thus, in this in-depth report, we’ll be talking more about wheel hub bearings, what they do and how they help in your overall driving experience. 

What Do You Mean By A Wheel Bearing?

In a nutshell, a wheel bearing can be defined as a device that is used to reduce friction during the operation of the car’s wheels, thereby boosting the overall efficiency of rotation. Nissan parts in Wellington services points out that such a result is achieved as rolling will procedure less friction than sliding, allowing the wheels to turn & move freely.

Pre-assembled wheels inside a vehicle come with seals, bearings, and sensors that are precision manufactured, ultimately affected the fuel efficiency, performance, ride smoothness, and effectiveness of the ABS or Anti-Braking System. 

Can Wheel Bearing Affect Your Vehicle’s Safety?


You must know that the wheel hub bearings contain the wheel speed sensors, which are responsible for controlling the ABS system of a car. The sensor generally operates by transmitting a constant signal to the system that controls the braking operations, regarding the speed of each of the car wheels. 

In case of emergencies, the control system will decide whether the ABS needs to be triggered. So, if the ABS fails, it will be of no use. This is why having functional wheel bearings makes sense.

Besides the braking system, wheel bearings also affect the vehicle’s traction system. The car’s traction system uses a combination of the ABS along with electronic drivetrain controls. Since the traction system uses the same wheel speed sensors, you can consider it as a sub-system. All the three components work together in tandem to ensure that you obtain full control over your vehicle when driving on the road. 

Don’t Purchase Value Grade Hubs

One of the common mistakes that vehicle owners tend to make is that – they skimp when purchasing hub bearings – which is why they end up with low-cost value grade hubs. These hubs are not only cheap but also the quality is too poor to be used on a daily basis. Moreover, they have much less lifespan than their original counterparts. 

So, if you’re deciding to check your wheel hub bearings or get it replaced (or repaired), then we have the perfect solution for you. We have skilled technicians who will ensure that you get the best possible solution for your issue.

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