September 30, 2023

Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc could cut thousands of jobs following the company hired consultants headed by McKinsey & Co. to help streamline its operations, as per The Times report, adding that the carmaker with the most luxurious cars has hired consultants led by McKinsey & Co. to provide advice about the process.
The report also stated that the company was considering removing 3,000 non-manufacturing employees from its workforce across the globe. Rolls-Royce CEO Tufan Erginbilgic has also launched a transformation plan within the company, which includes specific fundamental management changes. During the program, it is planned to combine the non-manufacturing divisions within its civil power, defense, and aerospace systems divisions.
“We are working at pace on our transformation across several work streams and only one part of one of those work streams is about realizing organizational efficiencies. We have made no decisions on any potential impact on employees and any suggestion otherwise is pure speculation,” Bloomberg stated, concerning a Rolls-Royce spokesperson.
However, the report states that the most significant negative impact on the impact of Rolls Royce layoffs will be on the company’s headquarters since the majority of its back-office administrative tasks are located in the city.
The report also said that the headquarters of Rolls-Royce is likely to be the hardest hit due to the cuts since the majority of its back office administration tasks are located within the city.
Rolls-Royce layoffs are not the only ones in the auto industry. To date, Ford has made announcements of layoffs for China, and, like this sector, many others are undergoing massive layoffs in case of a global economic recession.

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