December 3, 2023

Old is said to have its charm, and no, regardless of how hard you work, they will always take the spotlight!

Amplification of the sound as well as a high-powered engine and an automatically rising spoiler – these could be the killer features that can make you bid on the newest adventure vehicle.

There is no denying that ….the attraction to vintage cars brings you back to your past and romantic feelings. The feeling of sitting on the old leather seats and looking at the mirrors that are mounted to the fenders as well as the radio’s music player that has buttons or projecting tail lights – it’s like the unending love of an unforgettable experience that will never end. Although it may sound dramatic, it is awe-inspiring. Vintage automobiles are classic and will never lose their appeal.

The majority of people think that vintage cars are a thing of the past. However, they are the lovebirds you will never forget. In all honesty, an avid wheel-lover could have the most up-to-date models, but his collection is not complete in the event that a classic model isn’t kept inside his garage.

Every car owner has a story, and we have some fascinating ones that demonstrate that in this world of new trends, classic cars are always in a prime spot!

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The Complete Car Man

The owner of a collection of vehicles, which includes a variety of vintage cars, Gautam Hari Singhania, CMD, Raymond Ltd, has always been an avid car enthusiast since his early years. These vintage cars have been carefully chosen and each one has a distinctive personality and character of its own. In India, there is a growing culture for appreciating and learning about vintage cars, and through my collection, I try to contribute to the trend,” Gautam Hari Singhania, CMD, says.

While some prefer to keep track of it, Singhania doesn’t believe in listing his collection. The collection is unusual and unique, as well as antique, and includes a 1921 Ford T and 1932 J type. “Vintage car for me is a piece of art and I truly enjoy admiring them. As a petrol head, there is always something specific in your mind that you wish to own and park it in your garage no matter how old it must be. Owning a classic car is far different from admiring it,” the author says.

A vintage car that you’d like to have?

The Mercedes 540 K is in my garage. However, I’m not sure it will occur anytime soon due to the insane costs.

The Tycoon and His Retro Love

“A Vintage car for me is something that brings memories and should be known for its design sensibilities,” Sunil Sethi, Chairman of the Fashion Design Council of India, said. The head of the Indian fashion business is a passionate fan of old automobiles.

His love of the vintage automobile started in 1926 when his family came from the pre-partition settlers in Delhi. His father started an auto spare parts company. At that time, the family owned two vehicles, a Landmaster and Morris, which they retained for a lengthy period of.

“To recall my 1920’s memories, once I started earning the first car I bought was a new retro model called Ambassador AVIGO, which is still with me. This particular model was taken out by Hindustan Motors for ambassador loyalists like me. The features comprised of comfy leather seats, music systems, all the bells and whistles that an ambassador should have many years ago. I also have Fiat 1100, a Mini Cooper. “ The author adds.

One classic car you would like to have?

Jaguar E-Type Jaguar E-Type an Icon of the 60’s fashion

250 Cars and Counting

The days of racing and rallying are difficult to forget. When you’re a medical professional, keeping up with your old passions becomes difficult. To stay in touch, doctor. Ravi Prakash moved into classic and vintage cars. One of Bengaluru’s most famous car enthusiasts and the head of for the Federation of Historic Vehicles of India declares, “It so happened that the first very car was gifted to me by General Mahadevan a Lord Mountbatten 1937 Sunbeam Talbot. And after that, my love journey just started,”

The first car he owned was in the year 79, and since the beginning of the 90s, his collection has exploded. The thing is, what I made was in the form of buying cars, and I came to know people who helped me find leads to these vehicles. He owns 2,550 cars today that belong to notable individuals like maharajas, business titans, and other prominent individuals.

“Vintage cars are like my extended family. They give me a lot of peace and energy. I love them all. They are part of my system and part of my life,” he says.

A classic car you’d like to have?

One of Bugatti’s car

From Son to hiHisather

As a child of eight, he was given an ebook “,501 must drive cars”.He had no idea that his dream of owning a classic automobile would become a reality. Dillon Bhatt, Head of International Business, Millwood Kane International, always had a passion for his father’s Porsche 996 Turbo and GT3, and that was only the beginning.

“My father was turning 50 a few years ago and wanted to get something that we could both do together and something he would always remember. So that when I decided to take a risk and get a car from his birth year. I wanted to get something unique and of course, it had to be in my budget, so I was searching around for a while. In the end, I chose to go for a Porsche 912 from 1965 in Irish Green,” the man says.

It is said the car’s distinctive, and it was a model of transition which was in production during the period 1965-1969. 356 Sc powered it. “At the time I managed to pick it up for around PS25,000 and it has appreciated in its value over the last few years. This car is my version of freedom, it allows you to go wherever you chose, most importantly its something that brings me closer with my father,” He says.

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