September 26, 2023

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Learning to drive a car is no less than a thrill for many of us. There are some basics that one must know before we are all set to take on the wheels. While driving our mind needs to analyze multiple things at a time. This means that either you are a beginner or an expert driver, you need to be very cautious when you have your hands on the steering wheel.

Everything that a beginner needs to know

Some tips that every rookie should get before they are driving down the lane with traffic are:

  • Know your car well: Every car has different features so before you start driving you should know about your car well. The most basic thing that you should know about any vehicle is its ABC, i.e, Accelerate, Brake and Clutch. Once you know about their functions well move on to learning about the gears. Having a gearless car makes it easier for the beginners to drive while you need a little more effort with driving a car with gears. When you know about the ABC and gears start practicing shifting gears in their relative speeds. This step turns out to be difficult and the most problematic for most rookies. To make things easier for you can contact a driving instructor Brisbane.
  • Seat adjustment: Once you know all the settings well your comfort becomes the priority. Adjust the seat such that your legs reach the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals of the car without requiring much stretching. Initially, your driving instructor Brisbane can help you in your seating adjustments. In driving comfort is directly proportional to control, the more comfortably you are seated while driving the better control you will have over your vehicle. Ensure your back is straight while driving and you are not slouched. This helps especially when you have to drive for a long time. The seat should be set such that you can easily see the road ahead of you.
  • Keep distractions at bay: Once you are in the driver’s seat you need to be very attentive. Follow all the rules, adjust your seat as well as the mirrors, fasten your seat belt, keep your mind clear from all the chaos and focus on the road. Some basic rules that we all must follow while driving are:
  1. Do not use a mobile phone while driving
  2. Do not drink and drive
  3. Wear your seat belt while driving

If you are new to driving then avoid playing too loud music as it can be a cause of distraction.

  • Do not forget the indicators: The signals on the road and indicators in your car are very necessary. Use indicators while taking a turn. Use your parking light whenever parking on the roadside. During the night, make proper use of the headlights. These are a few things that are not only counted as driving tips but also as driving etiquettes.
  • Never overspeed: We understand that since you are new to driving you must be very exciting and this is a good thing. But do not let this excitement take over you to an extent where you are over speeding. Over speeding is the major cause of accidents in the world. It will give you zero benefits and you might end up having some trouble with the cops.
  • No unnecessary honking: Remember how irritating was it when you were stuck in the traffic and some driver kept honking endlessly? People might have similar feelings when you honk for no reason. Horns are to alert the people on the road or the drivers. They have absolutely not been made to take away your frustration. Avoid honking unnecessarily else you might end up in trouble if you are driving in some “no horn” region.
  • Keep calm: This trick comes to play while driving as well. Maintain your calm while driving and you will be able to focus better.
    Be calm, composed and alert while driving and follow the driving rules, and within no time you will realize that you have transformed from a rookie to an expert.

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