June 24, 2024

The death of the former Chairman of Tata Sons, Cyrus Mistry, in an accident on the road close to Palghar, Maharashtra, caused an intense debate about the necessity of wearing seat belts on rear-seat passengers. Mistry was sitting in the rear and didn’t wear his seat belt when the GLC of his Mercedes-Benz, where he was sitting, smashed into the bridge’s divider crossing the River Surya, and he died at the scene. It happened along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Road at about 3 pm. The government is making efforts to increase road security. What are the measures that should be taken on an individual basis? What do auto manufacturers think about the various safety features they have in their vehicles?
Raghav Belavadi, who is the creator of Hype Luxury, which offers premium brands in lifestyle and mobility, said, “All our car rentals in the luxury category are primarily from the European sector offering the safest vehicle in the market as they have been designed to avoid crashes and offer the most advanced safety and driver assist system. Luxury vehicles have a higher rating for safety than others. These cars are powerful vehicles on the road loaded with advanced safety features and highest comfort within a car. Even at a high speed these powerful vehicles run smoothly and the driver may be in control of the vehicle but it is important to judge where you are driving it. On a straight highway it may be a smooth ride but within city limits or a hilly area or off road track one needs to be mindful while driving,” he states.
Certain cars are available in specific areas. For instance, they recommend a 4×4 driver for driving through a hilly region. The best option for children and infants is an SUV with child seats. In urban areas, they always remind people that speed limits should be adhered to and use an automated system in which warnings are sent out if violated.
According to Sagar Joshi, Founder of Auto I Care, research has identified certain instances and the most frequent reasons that accidents can occur. Joshi’s business provides roadside assistance and has handled several vehicles involved in collisions across India. “We have noticed that most of the crashes happen at pre-dawn or due to driver negligence. Today’s cars are equipped with a lot of safety features as per the price and they go through a lot of safety tests. But sometimes conditions are such that, despite having the latest safety features the passengers inside the car get hurt or lose their lives due to lack of medical aid. In the wake of the recent crashes, the government has taken proper steps in ensuring that rear seatbelts are mandatory in all cars. This will ensure safety of all passengers on board and reduce the fatalities in case of an accident,” Joshi says. Auto I Care mobile app offers features that can provide aid in 20 minutes when there is a breakdown in the car and assist in calling emergency services or towing services in the event of severe accidents on the road.
Each auto brand comes with its safety features. Consider Volkswagen, for instance. For instance, in India, Volkswagen pioneered safety by introducing dual airbags in the standard configuration (across the different versions) in the Polo in the hatchback segment 2014. “It was the only carline that year to receive a 4-star GNCAP rating on adult protection owing to its impeccable structural rigidity and strength. Since then, our product portfolio’s safety elements and features have only evolved. Today, all Volkswagen products are aligned to the regulatory requirements with respect to safety. The Volkswagen Taigun, Virtus, and Tiguan come with over 40+ safety features to protect the occupant. It offers dual airbags as standard and up to 6 airbags on the top variants, ESC, multi-collision brakes, 3-point seat belts with individual adjustable head restraints at the rear, tire pressure deflation warning, over speeding alerts, and hill hold control, amongst many others,” The spokesperson for the company says in charge of Volkswagen Passenger Cars India.
The conclusion is that no matter which car you drive, the importance previously attached to the extent of wearing seatbelts in front has now been transferred to being aware of the procedure for back seat passengers, too. Sure, several such accidents have occurred before. However, when a famous person has been involved in a crash, focus paid to the cause of the collision increases the severity of the issue, whether it’s the tragic car crash that killed Mistry or the new focus on fitness classes after the tragic death of comedian Raju Shrivastav.

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