September 26, 2023

Subaru Forester’s size fits between a small SUV and a wagon better called as a crossover car. Its design might seem to be a little offbeat but its size from inside is quite roomy and spacious. It has proved to the world that because of its almost strange design its performance cannot be underestimated.


Spacious Interior

The design given to Forester is something that practically no automobile company had thought of. It appears a little duck structured but it is cosy family car. The cabin of this 5 seater suv is roomy and gives utmost comfort to the passengers travelling in the car. 
Basic navigation with hands free Bluetooth phone system has been given in Forester. 6 CD changer music system just like any other crossover has been given in it. 

Has a few Drawbacks

What lacks in Forester is the advanced technological features that most SUVs and crossovers have these days. The basic functions and features aren’t sufficient for the users in today’s times. The navigation system given in it lacks some of the new functions such as traffic reporting. 
These are some of the most useful features that a navigation system must comprise of. All the navigation related information is displayed on the music system display screen. Full ipod integration and satellite radio is what could be included as additional features in the music system of the base variants too. 

Seats are its USP 

Four speakers of the music system are given in the doors and two tweeters in the base of A pillars. A little more finesse could too be given to the effects given out by the system. A sunroof has been given in the Forester, a usual feature in most cars of this genre.The seats in the Forester can be counted among its USPs. They are comfortable, even heighted. The passenger can have a complete view of the surroundings outside the car and yet feel comfortable sitting inside this crossover. 

Engine and Fuel Efficiency 

Subaru Forester is powered by 2.5 litre turbocharged four cylinder boxer style engine that develops 224 horsepower. The four gear automatic transmission has been given in the car that is capable of keeping 2500 rpm at 65 to 70 miles per hour. 
The mileage or fuel efficiency given out by Forester is 22 mpg that falls easily in the EPA bracket of 19 to 24 mpg. Suspension does a good job at all terrains. The all wheel drive system does not get affected by not so clean and favorable roads. 

The Conclusion ! 

The overall performance of Subaru Forester is good making the driving and handling experience trouble free. The only drawback of this vehicle is its not so technologically advanced features. If you are not obsessed with technology and like cars of this genre Forester may be best suited for you.

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