December 3, 2023

Tesla has hired around 1,000 sales and delivery employees throughout North America over the past two months, people who are of the situation informed Electrek as it strives towards its 500,000 annual deliveries goal.

Tesla has also adopted an innovative approach to recruitment. According to sources, they are focusing on the hiring of part-time delivery and sales workers. This helps the company reduce costs, the source said since part-time employees receive fewer benefits, and Tesla does not have to provide employees with smartphones and laptops.Tesla did not respond to Business Insider’s requests to comment.

This month, Tesla exceeded analyst expectations as it reported its most profitable quarter in its history. This was Tesla’s fifth consecutive quarter of profit, and it put it on the path to record its first-ever annual profit.

Tesla is aiming to hit the milestone of 500,000 vehicles sold this year. To reach this goal, Tesla needs to deliver 181,000 electric cars over the last third quarter30% more than in the third quarter. In an earnings conference on October 10, Tesla admitted that reaching the target has “become more difficult,” however, it said that it could achieve the goal if the company produces more Model Y and Shanghai vehicles in addition to making its delivery and logistics more efficient.

In the course of the pandemic, Tesla has been criticized for the treatment it gives its employees. In May, Tesla resisted local shelter-in-place orders to restart manufacturing. Then, “several” employees working in its factories were found to be positive for the presence of Covid-19.

In June, the company has been reported to have fired five workers in its plant in California for being home in the midst of the outbreak. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk had earlier told employees they were not required to show up for work. One employee has told The Washington Post that he was fired for staying at home as his son was one year old and had an illness that caused respiratory problems.

Throughout the entire pandemic, Musk has been an active opponent of measures of lockdown. Musk has urged the government to “give people their goddamn freedom back” and even brought a suit with Alameda County, California, to force the company to cease production at its Fremont manufacturing facility temporarily.

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