February 25, 2024

There are still many tenacious individuals and groups that push the boundaries of what is humanly possible within Guinness’ records catalog. A few of these are listed here, but there is also a new category of competitor.

You’ll find a record in the Guinness Book or the website if you flip through it in 2019. This could be the result of an “experiential market campaign” or “business solution” by an international brand, individual or company with a large budget that has partnered with Guinness.

Guinness World Records will give you a world record for most of your design, at a reasonable price. You can do it. Corporations do it. Dictators do it. If you have the money and desire to be famous for something obscure like “farthest shot in a moving vehicle” or “worlds most hairiest car,” you can do it too.

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Steel is great, but it doesn’t shine the same after a wash or blow dry as a mass of hair. As a wager, the world record holder of hairiest car began adhering hair to her Fiat 500. It’s not the cowlick on the dashboard that’s the best part, but the fact that it’s street-legal.

The longest time it takes to stop a car

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Before brakes existed, there were Austrian strongmen. Gerald Gschiel was one such example. He held the Corvette Z06 upright while its wheels spun for 22.33 seconds. Why? He’ll tell you.

Fastest jet-powered firetruck

It is absurd to think of a jet-powered firetruck. The truck is basically a bomb on wheels, pretending to put out fires. Shannen Seydel, a Florida resident, built it out of a 1940 Ford with two Rolls-Royce Bristol Viper engines that produced 6,000 horsepower each. He then took it to 655 km/h in Southern Ontario in 1998.

Farthest barrel roll

Jaguar wanted to show off the compact SUV’s performance capabilities when it launched the 2018 E-Pace. Terry Grant, a British stuntman, was hired by Jaguar to flip the SUV through the air.It is amazing to see the Jag barrel roll 270 degrees over 15.3 meters. But what does it prove other than the E-Pace is a decent, but still expensive movie stunt car?
It’s hard to believe that this record hasn’t been held by trick-shot YouTubers on Dude Perfect. Skoda was not going to literally roll their Octavia RS 245 through the air in order to secure a spot on the GB WR, but the Skoda team was willing to let their Austrian colleagues fire arrows at one another for publicity.In case you weren’t, 57.5 meters is the distance that an arrow can be fired and captured by a moving vehicle.

Tightest car parallel parking

This is not parallel parking, but power-sliding. The driving surface does not need to be lubricated in order to parallel park. Alastair Moffat is the official driver for tightest parallel parking. He set the record at 7.5 cm, plus the length of his Fiat 500C 1.2 Cult, live during an U.K. autosports event.

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