December 3, 2023

KYMCO, a two-wheeler car manufacturer, enters India as a partner with Haryana’s Twenty-Two Motors. The Taiwanese car manufacturer will invest 65 million dollars in the electric scooter maker Twenty-Two Motors Pvt. Over the next three-year period, Twenty-Two Motors Pvt. By 2019, the collaboration will result in a flow-smart electric scoot equipped with Lonex’s technology.
Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO, said that KYMCO was on a mission to change modern transportation, and India is a very important market from this point of view. Twenty-Two Motors is a perfect partner for us, as we share the same vision and values. We aim to transform the urban mobility landscape in India together.
Ionex Commercial offers a complete package that empowers and enables all businesses and governments to adopt premium electric mobility.
KYMCO, as part of this strategic alliance, will bring its leading-edge, electric vehicle total solutions – Ionex and Ionex Commercial – to consumers, businesses, and governments, enabling them to adopt premium electric mobility easily. Lonex technology is designed to remove all barriers that prevent consumers from going green. Its EV turnkey solution is tailored for commercial entities and integrates experts from all necessary fields. The solution includes a complete set of electric vehicles, charging stations, removable batteries, and advanced IT systems.

Parveen Khrb, the co-founder and CEO of Twenty-Two Motors, said in a press release about the deal that the partnership will help the two companies strengthen their operations.
Kharb states, “We imagined facilitating Indian customers smart EVs and a proper Infrastructure with charging stations and an efficient battery. Our partnership with KYMCO represents the next step in that direction.” This partnership is a revolutionary step for the Indian auto industry, which no one anticipated. We will be creating a new ecosystem of premium EV mobility.
KYMCO’s entry into the Indian electric vehicle market is a sign of a brighter future. In recent years, many foreign investors have invested in India’s automobile industry to support the government’s vision for electric vehicles in India by 2030.

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